High Speed Lovers Busted

High Speed Lovers Busted

There is a reason while talking on your phone while driving is illegal. Even worse: texting while driving. It hinders your concentration, keeps your eyes off the road, even for a split-second, and it impairs your ability to safely drive your car on the road around other people. A sensible driver would pull over if there was a text or call emergency, or use hands-free devices if there wasn’t anywhere safe to stop.

With that in mind, let it be said: you should never, ever have sex while driving a car. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the risks far outweigh the rewards – even more so if you’re on a highway. It’s difficult enough to keep focussed and concentrating on something when you’re in BED … so goodness knows why the obvious risks didn’t stop a sex-crazed couple as they turned their minivan into a motel on wheels as they sped down the Eisenhower Expressway, west of Chicago.

Shocked onlookers noticed that a woman in a white top was straddling the male driver, and that she was bouncing up and down in a tell-tale motion. ‘Get her bouncing,’ a woman’s voice says – and the camera-holder reluctantly holds her phone up to capture the couple going at it.

‘I’ve got the shot,’ the amateur filmer says, ‘I’ve got the shot, and I’m done. I’m not looking.’

The video, now viral on youtube, shows the couple having sex in the driver’s seat long after they were caught and filmed. They went at it without a care in the world, with the man holding his hand up to the camera to possibly obscure his face. It’s too late, mate. They’ve got you looking straight at the camera.

At one point, the short clip shows that the driver has no hands on the wheel, with the car hurtling down the high way, and later the driver asks, ‘is that his foot?’.

It’s not clear when the video was filmed or whether any authorities were aware of the activities. While the couple were clearly unconcerned about the laws of the road, they probably should have been more concerned about the Click it or Ticket campaign which identifies drivers not wearing seatbelts through cameras dotted along US highways.

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