House of Healing Metaphysics

House of Healing Metaphysics

Type of Business

House of Healing Metaphysics was established in 2019, founded by Gunnar and Trudy Ann Friestad.

House of Healing is a metaphysical store and retail shop where the focus is centered around metaphysical products such as crystals, angel cards, herbs, tinctures, reiki kits, candles, and holistic principles. It is located in Stavanger, Norway.

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-Our focus as a metaphysical shop has been on serving our fellow man and woman regardless of their station in life. We have a vision of creating impact by helping people whom society considers as underdogs to find their purpose in life through spirituality and healing.-

Gunnar and Trudy Ann met each other through facebook and got married two weeks later.

They both share a lifelong experience of working with natural medicines, alternative healing and spiritual guidance.

 -We found that we had a common interest in natural medicine and a heart for humanity. We saw that people were searching for an alternative lifestyle. Although there was a lot of information already out there, they still needed someone to talk to and a place to go to find the tools for their journeys. So we started our first shop in a very small location in the middle of Stavanger city, Norway. –

The business started to evolve from basic products to services and seminars and also creative activities such as courses in drum making and other educational learning experiences within their fields of expertise.

Example of impact

They have worked with a former substance abuser who has now turned her life around, and they decided that in order to create social change they would employ her full time.

She is now a part of their team.


Creating and sourcing real tools of empowerment through products that bring joy, wholeness and healing, and methods of personal transformation through sharing of knowledge and wisdom, combining ancient methods and a marrying of cultures through the medicines and herbs.

Create social impact and make sure that our products are very much created with our planet in mind. Create unique products to Scandinavia that appeals to both existing, and future customers.

-Even though technology is a great tool, our strategy has been to use old methods like allowing word of mouth to work as target marketing. 68 percent of our customers found us by word of mouth and recommendations. Our focus has also been on providing an amazing service and spending time with our customers on a personal level, something we believe would be lacking if we had incorporated a chat bot or high tech. Humans desire contact and someone to talk with. –

Creating simple solutions for complex issues people face from day to day.

Actionable, through the incorporation of a charity and social impact organization with our business as a three-tier system. This turns to a circle when the pyramid is drawn out, making profits that can also help to fund our social change -and impact organizations.

                                                  The circle of life business model


Some of the challenges that we faced in building this business was a lack of funding. This meant that we had to put all our finances back into the business to create growth and therefore could not take salaries. The business requires quite a lot of time, so we generally had to dedicate much of our free time to the growth of the business. The challenges we face in the market is related to the increasing uncertainty with the economy as well as high taxes in Norway. We see that despite this uncertainty the opportunities for growth are exponential as there is a growing trend for spirituality, metaphysics, natural healing and a general awareness amongst people of the need to search for answers for their everyday issues.

Starting a spiritual business was a great way for us to align our life, passions and hobbies with our career and financial wellbeing.

Our advice to others is to research the market, ditch perfectionism and focus your energy on growing the business with integrity, honesty, service, respect, passion, trustworthiness and quality.

To offer unique products, services and experience that gives your customers reason to keep coming back time after time, which builds up a reputation via recommendation.

Build a realistic business plan and keep transcending that plan by learning about your key customer`s needs and be willing to adapt to changes in the market as well as in the developmental journey.

It is very important that one is connected to the business and that the business reflects your gifts and how you give back to your customers.

Connect with spiritual communities and build networks.

Embrace failure and learn from it, as it will help one find greater solutions to present and future challenges.

Be willing to evolve and build bridges with other businesses in your area or outside of your market.

When growing the business, take your time. Make sure that your foundation is solid before building upon it.

Lessons learned from running this business

This particular type of business requires passion, service and extensive knowledge about the products we make and sell, and also the services we provide. This requires a certain skill set that not everyone can adapt to, especially when the business is so intertwined with the gifts/abilities of the owners. When the need arises to hire new staff, one needs to be careful to choose someone who shares the same passions, values and skills in alignment with the founders and the principles of the business.    

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