In the health and wellness field, cannabidiol, well known as CBD has stormed the world and come out as one of the leading goods in various supplement stores. It’s infused in different products, including lip balms, protein bars, body creams, and oils among others. The same thing is rampant among alcohol manufacturers. They’ve started making CBD-infused alcoholic beverages, shots, and beers. Nevertheless, a lot of people aren’t sure about the safety in this alcohol combination with CBD. That’s why this article discusses in detail about how alcohol interacts with CBD. Please continue reading to discover more.

What is CBD? Well, it’s a compound naturally occurring in the cannabis herb. It lacks psychoactive characteristics that are mostly linked to marijuana. It’s unlike the most active cannabis ingredient called THC, which gets one ‘high’. When an individual smokes or ingests CBD, the body’s endocannabinoid system functions more effectively. You could be wondering the importance of this system to the body. Yes, it regulates your general mood, sleep patterns, and appetite.

The human body naturally produces cannabinoids to regulate sleep and emotions. For this reason, taking in more CBD may stimulate more cannabinoid production. Alcohol manufacturers extract CBD oil from this herb and create a mixture with carrier oils for example, olive, hemp, palm, or coconut. Recently, CBD has become famous globally and can now be found in tinctures, shots, food products, capsules, and sprays. Researchers have suggested that numerous health benefits can be found by consuming products with CBD oil. For example, a drink with CBD could help reduce anxiety, managing pain, and improve skin health.

Can you combine alcohol and CBD oil?

Multiple individuals find it excellently unwinding through having a few drinks. It could be when hanging out with friends or after a busy day. In case any of the chosen drinks involve consuming CBD oil, it may bother you about how the two interact. What feeling will you have? We’re mainly basing our discussion on alcohol, therefore, let’s understand the two products separately.

To produce alcohol, a simple number of sugars and yeast is needed, but it’s a very strong depressant. A person’s mood, speech, and co-ordination are altered when alcohol interacts with the central nervous system. These effects, as we all know, become more severe with more consumption.

Contrastly, the effects of CBD are more subtle. It mostly centers its influence on the endocannabinoid system that runs from head to toes, balancing other biological systems. CBD also interacts with various molecular substances beyond the endocannabinoid system. From the description, you could imagine that CBD’s effects are more impactful than alcohol. But, there’s no clear explanation of how the two really act together.

Combining CBD and alcohol

Do you know what happens when CBD and alcohol are mixed? Well, studies are yet to establish the relationship between these products. We, however, have got a few preclinical findings that can be looked at. A good example is a pharmacological journal that investigated two groups, first was administered with mainly alcohol and the other was given both. Their findings could make one expect alcohol consumption to affect you the same way it’d do when taken alongside cannabinoid. Unluckily, extensive research still needs to be done because no data fully elaborates if CBD can lessen risks relating to strong side effects brought by alcohol consumption.

Alcohol and CBD combination safety

In almost everything that you get involved in, safety is number among the most crucial considerations. Therefore, when having fun drinking out, ask yourself whether it’s safe combining alcohol and CBD. First, it’s clear that all body parts are affected by excessive alcohol intake. An illustration is in the numerous documents having many damaging health repercussions. It may vary from alcohol percentage to the drink type, but a sure thing is the effects an unhealthy alcohol amount can do to your body.

On the other hand, cannabinoid oil seems well tolerated by our bodies, as reviewed by the WHO. It works perfectly with several naturally occurring ingredients. It lacks production of psychotropic side effects, especially when served in recommended way- without unwanted chemicals or additives. Despite the limited data documented, the mixture of these two products should be harmless. However, moderation is key to any properties affecting people’s actions, feelings, and thoughts. It’s also advisable to consult a doctor if you’ve got doubts concerning the same.

Why mix alcohol and CBD?

As discussed earlier, there’s no ‘high’ feeling or psychoactive characteristic linking to CBD consumption as compared to THC in marijuana. This is a sign that the immediate results are refined. It means that if you wish to have a few other drinks on a weekend and wish to add CBD, be certain of the limited risks involved. So, this is what happens after; cannabinoid has sedative related effects. It’s been reported that individuals feel calmer after consuming a CBD dose. Being a depressant, alcohol takes the edge off. That gives an advanced relation feeling when the two work together.

Of the two substances, cannabinoid enhances a good mood. It calms your nerves and decreases anxiety. It can be confirmed from a research that studied 72 people. They took between 25-75mg of cannabinoid for a month and results showed their sleep quality improved and anxiety levels reduced. You may lack interest in having CBD due to its holistic possessions, but adding it to your next beverage or cocktail may bring immediate gains for your drinking night.

The bottom line

The interaction in combining alcohol and CBD can be described as complex. What we know is that alcohol and CBD impacts amplify one another and having larger quantities may cause sedation and sleepiness. It’s challenging to precisely describe how the mixture will make one feel. But, this uncertainty has so far not halted businesses from selling stuff with CBD in various alcohol drinks with beer taking lead. For consumers, the best advice is to ingest both of these products in moderation since studies have not yet exploited their relationship.

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