Are you a cat owner who would like to improve the well-being of your feline friend using CBD? This article helps you know what factors to consider before giving your cat CBD products and why they may be good for the cat.

Like human beings, cats will have well-being issues from time to time. They may lose their appetite, have a problem with mobility, develop separation anxiety, and experience a sudden fall in their immune systems. Realistically, you will get worried if your feline friend experiences these problems. Thanks to science, though, there is help, and all you may need is to try CBD products, and you may be surprised at how fast your pet might improve. Peer into this article and get to know why CBD might be the ideal remedy for your cat’s well-being issues. But before then, find out what factors to consider before giving your furry friend any CBD product.

Factors to consider before giving your cat CBD products

Generally, you might be at home with the idea of giving your cat CBD products. However, you need to consider a few factors to keep the cat’s safety in mind. There are several things to consider, and the following are the most critical;

  1. The health condition of your cat- before giving your cat CBD, you need to take him to the vet for assessment that will help you the animal’s health situation and advise you whether or not to put the cat on CBD products.
  2. The weight of your cat- weight is critical when deciding whether to give your feline friend any CBD products. CBD affects people differently and may change their appetite, and the same could be true for cats. Therefore, when your cat is underweight for his age and height, you might have to reconsider your decision.
  3. The concentration of CBD in the products- there are different forms and concentrations of CBD. The full-spectrum, concentrate, and isolate CBD products have varied CBD concentrations, making their effects varied in the animals. However, depending on your cat’s conditions, your vet will advise you on the appropriate type, form, and concentration of CBD you need to give the cat.
  4. Dosage- even after deciding to give the cat CBD products, it is advisable that you keep the dosage low, and then depending on how the cat responds, you can top up if it’s ok.

How will giving your cat improve his health and well-being?

Generally, giving your cat CBD products is ok, once your vet and professionals deem it fit after checking the four factors above. Here are the benefits you might expect the CBD products to have on your cat’s well-being;

i.                    Fostering peaceful coexistence in a multi-cat household

Are you a pet owner who wants to add a cat to a household that already has one or many? You might have to consider using CBD to promote peace and calmness between the cats. This is especially important during the initial stages when the resident cat is meeting the new friend. Studies have shown that CBD has helped and will certainly help the two feline friends remain calm and warm to each other. As soon as they become familiarized and well at home with each other, you could consider discontinuing the dosage.

ii.                 Managing seizures

Some cats have seizures, and it can be a traumatizing experience for you to see your feline friend go through it daily. One thing you might consider is giving the cat CBD since studies have shown that it might positively influence the realignment of the brain’s neurons which fire and cause disorientation and seizure. Admittedly, there haven’t been so many studies on the relation between CBD and the nervous system, but the National Health Institute recently conducted research that showed how well CBD could help manage seizures in mice and rats. If it works well with your cat, you can expect the frequency and severity of the seizures to reduce. Generally, an appropriate dose (as advised by a professional) administered twice a day will work, but you still need to monitor the cat to see how he responds.

iii.               Relieving pain and anxiety

Human beings have used CBD for pain and anxiety, and anecdotal and scientific studies show that the cannabinoid may help indeed help relieve the two problems. Similarly, CBD products might work well for your anxious cat with pain from old age or chronic illnesses. However, you first need to see the doctor who will assess the cat and tell you the likely cause of pain and anxiety. Like humans, cats have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) with receptors that are influenced by CBD, relieving pain and anxiety. Concerning the appropriate dosage, the vet will advise you, although you will need to monitor how the cat reacts to the product.

iv.               Managing trip to the groomer or vet or traveling-related stress

Cats are unique animals that do not appreciate traveling as this upends them from the environment with which they have already acclimatized. Therefore, traveling or your visit to the vet may be chaotic. This is when CBD products come in handy to help you ease the trip-related stress, especially when administered about 30 minutes before the appointment.

v.                  Enhancing joint mobility

As your feline friend advances in age, he will likely start having health issues, including weakened joints and mobility problems. This is normal because old age comes with cell degeneration and loss of joint and bone strength. However, you need not let your cat suffer, and there is something you can do about them. Talk to your vet and find out whether it would be ok to give the cat CBD. Cats’ CBD products, especially those enriched with calcium, magnesium, and proteins, will help strengthen the joints, muscles, and bones, bettering the animal’s mobility.


Cats can benefit from CBD, especially the CBD products designed for them. However, before giving your cat any CBD product, consider his weight, medical condition, and CBD concentration in the product. The products will help ease stress, anxiety, and pain in your feline friend and help him acclimatize to the new environment with new fellows.

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