Collagen is one of the most important protein in the body and yet people still do not know how much to consume daily. So how much collagen is enough a day?

 Collagen is found in the human body and accounts for twenty-five percent of proteins found in the body of different mammals.  It forms a major part of connective tissues that connect different body structures. As a result, it is vital and should be consumed daily so as to keep protein levels high. There are twenty different types of collagen located at the extracellular matrix that make up the connective tissues. Three of them are dominant and found in various foods. The importance of collagen is high since they are found a the cellular level and form the basis of different tissues found in muscles, blood vessels and connective tissues such as the skin. The bones as well as the ligaments that contain collagen at a cellular level. However, it is imperative to discuss and understand what collagen is before embarking on the required daily intake. Discussed hereunder,are the benefits and sources of collagen.

The importance of Collagen

The purpose of collagen in the body is to form a foundation and structural identity for different tissues. Collagen forms networks in the extracellular layer and also in the basement membranes. The availability of collagen in the body ensures a healthier skin, stronger bones and stretchiness in blood vessels. All these attributes facilitate a healthier life.  It is advisable to consume foods collagen percentage so that your body maintains a healthy, hydrated skin. As you grow older however, the amount of collagen produced by the body decreases while your body continues to burn it down. The fibrous protein is essential for many tissues within our bodies.

What are the benefits of collagen

As I have stated its purpose in our body, it is easy to note the collagen has its benefits to our bodies. Some of its benefits include;

Replacing dead skin cells

That glow on your skin that shines even more under the sun is as a result of adequate restores dead skin and enables faster healing of wounds such as dep cuts, burns and bruises. This is achieved since the collagen form fibrous networks that cells can grow upon. Continuous replacement of dead skin cells ensure that your sink remain smooth and healthy at all times

Collagen is used in guided tissue generation

There are different membranes based on the foundation of collagen, which may be used as implant therapy. Implant therapy is a treatment that enables growth of cells in specific parts of the body particularly wounds. These membranes help in aiding certain healing cases that would result in surgery. Although this is not achieved by intake of the collagen it is a beneficial case for our health.

Intake of collagen has been proved to treat osteoarthritis

Additional intake of collagen in form of formulation and supplements help in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that patients suffering from osteoarthritis should increase their collagen intake to reduce pain linked to the condition.

What are the collagen rich foods?

There are several choices of foods to be consumed to keep collagen at the required levels. Discussed below are the foods and type of collagen they contain.

Bone broth

Bone broth is delicious and hence contain three types of collagen. Anytime you visit a butcher grub yourself some bones (bone marrow) to prepare bone broth. Alternatively, get the bone broth at a grocery shop with alongside any other ingredients needed. It provides 2.5-2.5g of collagen per serving.

Egg whites 

Egg white is the thick liquid contained in the egg surrounding the York and contain type 1 and 2 of collagen. Egg whites contain an amino acid proline that is mainly responsible for the production of collagen.

Multi-collagen powder and supplements

Supplements and powder are one way of ensuring that you get all types of collagen. The three major types of collagens can be acquired by the consumption of the multi-collagen powder and the collagen supplements.

Collagen oils and creams

For strict vegetarians, here is the good news about collagen. Collagen creams and oils area available in the market for skin application. Studies show that, most elderly people are going for collagen creams and oils to get rid of wrinkles maybe it’s time to consider.

Nevertheless, there is no stipulated amount of collagen that has been agreed upon for daily consumption. However, by including the aforementioned foods in the diet, collagen levels are boosted. Furthermore, for improved skin and hair health, consider taking collagen capsules for a period of eight to twelve weeks. About three to ten grams of the collagen peptides can be taken daily for an amount of time. People with arthritis intake should consider taking collagen peptides at least twice a day for 20 weeks.

Collagen side effects

Although there are many benefits of having high levels of collagen too much can be harmful. The side effects are it can have an implication on your gut system. Allergic reactions can be as a result of too much collagen in the body. Kidney stones may also result from too much collagen. There are certain habits that humans have involved in that result in reduction of collagen levels in the body. Certain lifestyle habits such as consumption of too much sugar and smoking of tobacco lead to the loss of collagen. Exposure of the body to ultraviolet light also reduces collagen in the body.


With no exact amount to quantify the daily intake of collagen, there are foods that can help in boosting the collagen levels in the body. Connective are also built from the collagen proteins. Intake of collagen help repair dead skin and also used in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Egg whites, bone broth, foods rich in proteins, powder and supplements are so far the best sources of collagen. To avoid collagen loss avoid some bad lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption and excessive sugar intake.Moreover, consult a health instructor or nutritionist on the types of collagen sources to consume and quantify, to avoid the side effect such as allergies that come with excessive intake.

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