How my Hobby Became a Small Business Known as “Amber Guru”

How my Hobby Became a Small Business Known as “Amber Guru”

Table of Contents

  • About Me
  • Amber Guru
  • From Hobby to Small Business
  • Challenges I’ve Run Into
  • What’s Next?
  • Love What You Do, Accept New Things in Your Life, and Just Go For it!

About Me

My name is Irena Karaulnovienė, founder of Amber Guru – Amber Teething Necklaces. I grew up with a deep attachment for the breathtaking shores of the Baltic Sea and love for the pretty little amber stones that the sea, in its smooth or raging waves, would deposit at the shore. 

Despite our age, we all have precious childhood memories that we always somehow keep going back to – for me, it’s the many trips with my parents along the shores of the sea to collect amber stones which we used to make jewelry. 

With age, I soon found out that beyond its pure originality and beauty, these jewels also carried a natural healing power. Sixty years later, I am now reliving my childhood through my small business Amber Guru, which I started in 2018.

About Amber Guru

Amber Guru was born in Lithuania and was inspired by the unique gemstone called Baltic amber. This stone is so unique, because of its natural beauty and most importantly, because of its amazing healing properties. 

Did you know that jewelry from Baltic amber can relieve teething pain in babies? Yes, it can! And that’s why I create jewelry specifically for children from 100% genuine Baltic amber stones. I always make sure to give my Amber Guru necklaces a touch of love through my originality and unique taste in rare Baltic amber

I am assured to use only the finest Baltic amber stones known in Lithuania as ‘Lithuanian Gold’, which are certified by the National Gems Laboratory of Lithuania. 

From Hobby To Small Business

At first, all of this was just a hobby for me. I simply enjoyed creating Baltic amber jewelry for myself, my family, and friends. Over time thanks to word of mouth I started to receive more and more requests for amber jewelry, especially amber necklaces for babies. And no wonder why amber teething necklaces have become so popular among papas and mamas around the world – amber can soothe a baby’s teething pain naturally and in style! Just look at these happy teething babies below 😍

That’s when my kids encouraged me to create an online store, so even more people can see my creations. “Ummm… Online store? In my sixties? I’m too old for that, it’s not for me”, I said to myself. However, after long discussions and with the help of my kids in 2018 the Amber Guru e-shop was launched. And now I think that it was the best decision I made.

Challenges I’ve Run Into

Since that time, I have encountered many challenges related to running a small business. I had to learn how to manage an e-store, get familiar with internet marketing, also accounting, and many other new things for me.

Despite all difficulties, I don’t regret the decision I made to make my hobby a business. That’s because now I can afford doing what I love, and I am so happy to get all these positive reviews from happy customers around the world about my Baltic amber teething necklaces. It’s the best feeling ever!

What’s Next?

All the positive feedback I get from my customers inspires me to keep working on my project, Amber Guru. Now I know that when you do what you love you’ll get rewarded for that and I’m not afraid anymore to try new things in my life.

Therefore, I am so excited to create new styles of jewelry and I hope that very soon I’ll present those styles to my customers not only on my e-shop, but also on such big marketplaces as Etsy, Amazon and eBay. There are so many yet unopened doors in front!

Love What You Do, Accept New Things in Your Life, and Just Go For it!

In the end, I’m still amazed how something that is done with passion can naturally be transformed into an income source. So many new things happened since I started my business and I’ve had to learn a lot to continue running my project. I’m grateful to my children for teaching me and thankful to my customers for supporting my small business. It’s so important!

I wish that everyone can find something they love to do. From my experience, if you have a passion and want to share it with others, you’ll always find a way to make it possible. Now with the internet there aren’t any limits and all you have to do is take that first step into it all.

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