How Parents Can Deal with Lack of Bonding with Baby (For Non-Biological Partner)

How Parents Can Deal with Lack of Bonding with Baby (For Non-Biological Partner)

Are you a non-biological father struggling to bond with a baby? You are not alone. While most parents who adopt children feel guilty if they fail to establish a connection with them immediately, I am pleased to announce that it is possible to create a loving friendship later. How?

  • Normalize talking and singing to it while maintaining eye contact
  • Cuddle it
  • Stay close to it even when attending to your daily duties. Here, you may need a sling or front carrier.
  • Enjoy your favorite Books with it
  • Play with it frequently

Non-Biological Partner Feeling Left Out – With Breastfeeding

It is normal to think breastfeeding gets you off the parenting table. Ask the baby from your partner after feeding and burp it, sing for it or play with it. This gives you close time with it, which may improve your bond.

Jealousy Issues with Carrying/Birthing from One Partner

  • Talk to your partner about how you feel
  • Do things that distract you
  • Check out with a professional (qualified therapist)

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