Sportsmen and women are very much susceptible to get joint pain and inflammation in the muscles. This is due to the vigorous training and exercises they do, which may be strenuous to athletes’ muscles, especially runners. Even if you practice the sport in the safest way possible, you will not fully evade the muscle pains or inflammation. It is possible to get once or twice these conditions in one’s career.  

For you to last longer in the game, the runners are supposed to look for treatment to reduce this. CBD is one option that can help runners achieve this, and of course, it is among the best prescription to attain full fitness. Athletes can, therefore, use CBD products to reduce joint pain and inflammation in three major ways. Here is an in-depth discussion on how runners can reduce muscle pains through oral meals, skin application, and inhalation.

Oral Means

By oral means, the CBD product is ingested through the mouth. How can we do that? CBD is swallowed into the mouth through capsules. The CBD content has been placed in the capsule just like any other ingredient that medical practitioners use. The CBD components in the capsule must be very fine to allow it to pass easily in the user’s digestive tract.

Another method that CBD can be orally ingested is through food. The CBD can be extracted in a solvent-based product, especially water because it is water-soluble.  Then the extract is used for cooking food that will be ingested into the mouth naturally like the normal foods that we eat daily.

One can also intake CBD through drinks. The water-soluble CBD can be extracted, and the solvent used to make drinks which in turn, a person who wants to reduce the pains and inflammation like the runners drink it down the gut.

The three methods of oral intake of CBD will undergo absorption in the digestive tract to get the effects of the components.  The absorption rate will be slow due to the factors in the stomach that promote absorption.  Hence, the onset of the CBD effects will be delayed for approximately two to three hours; this is the number of hours that food stays in the stomach. In addition, factors like the acidity of the stomach and recent meals that the runner has eaten will affect the onset of the effects.

Capsules can work for daily use if there has been an establishment of a safe dosage from a professional. It is highly discouraged to use edible CBD like weed gummies and cookies. This is because the potency of the gummies or cookies cannot be easily rationed that one can use the right amount of CBD that has been extracted from them. Either you may get one of the two outcomes; one, the amount of CBD intake was too little, or two, the amount of the CBD in the edibles was too much. This makes the method unreliable. For these two reasons, it is not advisable to use them.

Application on the Skin

The old way of treating pain on the muscle was applying ointment on the pain part. This tactic is useful when we use the CBD product as an ointment on the skin. The same principle that the other ointments use is the same that will apply to the CBD. There are various products of CBD that can be used on the skin that will help counter problems of pain and inflammation on the skin. These products include; lotions and balms, tropical products, and so many more.

The lotions can be applied all over the body apart from the sensitive parts like eyes and open wounds. Simply, if you apply the products on top of the inflamed muscle, the CBD will diffuse through the skin and help to combat the situation. The same will also occur on the balm products.

For tropical products, it may also include over-the-counter ingredients such as methanol, capsaicin, or methanol. However, these ingredients in tropical products have one disadvantage; it is difficult to determine if there is a good impact and effects due to the CBD content that has been put in the products. The major application method for this product is placing the product content, whether cream or oil, on your palm and rubbing it against the other palm for some seconds, maybe two to five. Then rub the palm against the skin and any other desirable parts and let the effect take place. Remember to wash off your hands after using it and not touch the sensitive parts with the hands while the product is on them.

Through Inhaling

Lastly, this method has been the most popular of the other methods. Many people know that the CBD is majorly taken in through smoking, where you burn the dry hemp plant and then inhale the smoke that comes from it.  Many chemical processes occur during this method, where we have the CBD component introduced to oxygen and carbon dioxide. Then the CBD components will be directly absorbed into the brain by attaching with various nerve receptors in the brain. One of the fun facts is that our body has very many CBD receptors.  This will help you absorb the CBD that is inhaled.

The inhalation can occur through the vaporizing pen. Another method involves making joints by rolling the CBD hemp. One major disadvantage of inhaling is that the vapor oils used in the pens and chemical by-products collected in the process carry unknown risks. Therefore, CBD inhalation is consideredrisky to your health; hence not highly recommended.

The Bottom Line

While cannabidiol (CBD) oils are believed to relieve physical pains and inflammation for people with chronic pains, more studies are still needed to prove the effects and benefits of these products to athletes. However, the fact that several studies show that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body is clear evidence that they can also be effective in treating neuropathic pain such as sclerosis.

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