A low carb high protein dietroutine is all you need for a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to try this plan but do not know where to start, this blog can be helpful.

Probably you’ve been searching for a long time on the fastest and safest way to lose weight, build muscles, or stay healthy. Then finally, you came across a high protein, low carb diet recommendation. This approach has been highly recommended by many, but wait. I want to cut short your excitement a little bit. Before getting into it, do you how this technique works? The benefits, health risks, how to apply it, and any other information related to it? Probably you don’t even know what a high protein, low carb diet means. But it’s okay. No judging. So how can you achieve a high protein, low carb diet?

How does high protein low carb work?

High protein low carb means having fewer carbs andlarge amounts of proteins in your diet. A typical healthy diet should have a balanced diet loaded with adequate proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. However, if you’re aiming for a weight loss and muscle-building goal, you’ll have to restrict yourself from carbohydrates like bread. And take more than usual proteins like lean meat. Low carb diet means eating meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, high-fat dairy, fats, healthy oils, tubers, and non-gluten grains, and having restrictions on sugars, wheat, seed oils, trans fat, low-fats, and processed foods.

Supplements for low carb high protein diet       

As much as it’s possible to achieve a high protein diet from foods, your body may not get enough for its requirements. You can consider the following supplements;

Protein capsules

These pills contain protein powder. The content of protein types varies from one manufacturer to another. So make sure to choose your source carefully.

Protein bars

These are effective snacks for those trying to obtain a low-carb, high-protein diet. They differ in nutritional value. Always check the label to confirm the number of carbs and proteins used.

Whey isolate

Whey, a substance from milk, is mostly used in protein shakes. Whey isolate is well refined, and its fats and carbs are eliminated, making proteins the main ingredients. You can mix water or milk with the whey isolate and enjoy the greatness of this healthy drink.

Vegan isolate powder

This product mostly uses pea or beans to create a high protein powder. It’s mixed with water or milk to make it more fun to drink.

Why is it important to have a high protein, low carb diet?

There are two main advantages of eating fewer carbs and more proteins; weight lossand healthy body composition. This well-selected diet aids weight loss by reducing hunger levels and has the high effects of burning calories during digestion. High proteins increase hormones responsible for stomach fullness while making sure appetite hormones like ghrelin are reduced. When it comes to the powerful abilities to burn calories, the body requiresmore than the usual oxygen to digest foods rich in proteins. The great need for extra energy empowers the thermic effect on food, enabling high-calorie breakdown, leading to weight loss.

Other health benefits

  • It helps to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces risks of heart diseases
  • It prevents bone loss and promotes healthy joints

Are there any risks for high proteins and low carb diets?

Too much of something in the body always poses some negative effects regardless of its health benefits. High amounts of proteins overwork the kidneys and other organs in the body, leading to kidney diseases. Other risks may include;

  • Increases chances of cancer
  • Affects the liver
  • Causes bone disorders
  • It Leads to coronary artery disease

Which are more important, high proteins or low carbs?

Sometimes it’s difficult to provide your body with the right portions of high proteins and low carbs. So, if you’re in a position that needs one of the two to be compromised, which one would, you rather live without? Both of them are equally important. But in some situations, high protein may have a higher priority than low carbs. For instance, when trying to lose weight. A research proved that individuals relying on high proteins diet lose weight faster than those focusing on low carb foods. Still, it would be best if you give both high protein and low cabs equal importance.

How to remain consistent in your high protein low carb meal plan

Creating a meal plan is exciting, but sticking to it is a challenge of its own. While starting, it may be challenging to follow your new resolved diet, but you get used to the program with time. For others, the table turns. It’s easy for them to adjust to the new diet, but they find themselves back to their old unhealthy diet after a while. Whatever category you fall in, one thing is clear- consistency is a must. How can you maintain the motivation till the end?

Know your goal, and never forget your why

If you don’t know your reason for starting this journey, cancel the trip to your high protein, low carb diet. You should know why you’re starting it and what you want to accomplish within a specific time. Once you understand your goal, you’ll always stay motivated till you achieve everything desired.

Get a support system

You’ll need your family, friends,nutritionist, or anyone who motivates you to stick to yourdiet plan. Make it known to them the exact thing you want to accomplish and your deadline. Passing such information will make it easier for them to push you to meet your goals.

Let what you love motivate you

Maintaining a healthy diet doesn’t mean you deny yourself your favorite foods. In fact, have your darling lead the listto give you psych to follow; make sure they’re healthy. Making a meal plan that accommodates your preferences will make you always look forward to the next meal.

Go easy on yourself

Achievinghealth goals requires patience. Expect series of ‘no-improvement” feedback before you finally reach your target. If you realize the diet is not working for you after months of trying, adjust to better techniques but don’t give up. Every try is worth it.


A high protein, low carb diet is a great approach if your target is to lose weight or maintaining a healthy body. Before getting into the plan, consult your doctor to help you understand your health needs. Once it’s clear what your body requires, you can change your diet into the one that will provide you with protein richness while limiting your carb intake.

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