How to Add Some Fun Down There with Vibrating Panties

How to Add Some Fun Down There with Vibrating Panties

Wouldn’t it be something if you just suddenly felt a powerful vibration in your panties while walking out in public? Well, that’s the idea of the vibrating panty, a thong with a built in vibrator that stimulates the clitoris with hands-free rhythmic strokes. Of course, most partners wouldn’t be so cruel as to turn the vibrator on while their partner is going in for a job interview, however, the kinky idea is indeed surrendering to your partner and letting him/her decide the pleasure and pressure!

This sex toy includes female lingerie as well as a small vibrator inserted into the clothing. The bullet rests against the clitoris or the labia. Did you know, however, that you can go one step further and actually buy an attachable penetrating toy (like a dildo or fake penis) to your vibrating companies? Now, now don’t get your knickers in a knot. These penetrative sex toys can attach from the inner side of the panties while still keeping the vibrator in place. You can even wear your vibrating panties over your ordinary day clothes. If your spouse has a wireless remote and likes popping in at your place of work or inviting people over for dinner (and has a perverted mind) just imagine the spicy fun you could have!

Take Control with Vibrating Panties

Of course, the vibrating panty concept is very flexible. It can be controlled by partners or enjoyed by a single woman who can activate the vibrator herself whenever and wherever she wants. It is a couple’s toy as well as a masturbation aid. The remote control device can control the vibrator from several meters away. There are also crotch-less vibrating panties, which are made for intercourse and provide clitoral stimulation while a partner penetrates, and vibrating panties with removable bullets.

There are many popular types of vibrating panties out there today, including Panty Quakers, which stimulates both the G-spot and the clitoris, the 10 Function Remote Control Panty, which lets you get stimulated from a whopping 25 feet away, and the Remote Control Fantasy Panty which has great multiple settings. Another option to consider is not just a panty but the Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit, a harness kit with two dildos and a mini vibe.

Experiment a Little

Vibrating panties are typically made out of smooth and soft material like cotton, lace, latex, leather, mesh or nylon. These popular choices are mainly for the sake of stretching. The woman has to be comfortable in order to wear the vibrating panties for a long period of time, and these materials are very comfortable and flexible. This is a toy that male and female lovers can enjoy, as well as lesbian couples.

The vibrating panty is more than just a toy. It’s a sexual experiment you and your partner can enjoy time and time again. It’s a role play game a beginner’s course in BDSM that will bring you to new heights of ecstasy! If you think you’ve tried everything in the adult toy world, guess again.

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