How to Buy Your Partner a Sex Toy Without Asking Them What They Want

How to Buy Your Partner a Sex Toy Without Asking Them What They Want

Find out if they Have Sex Toys

Before buying your partner a sex toy, you may want to find out what she has. If they own sex toys, focus on something that will transform their collection.

Start Simple with Small and Non-threatening Sex Toys

 If your boo doesn’t own sex toys, small and non-threatening sex pleasure products can be a great place to start. This ensures they have a good experience with sex toys.

Respect Your Partner’s Preferences

Let us face it; most of us expect our partners to whip out what we’ve gifted them during partnered play. It is worth noting that some people will want to use your gift during sex while others during solo play. Others may choose to have sex or engage in self-stimulation without sex toys. For this reason, you have no right to decide how your boo will use your gift.

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