How to Clean for Anal Sex - Anal Douching and Anal Enemas

How to Clean for Anal Sex – Anal Douching and Anal Enemas

The topic of anal sex has carried a taboo in some segments of society for years. For some, the very fact it is taboo is a turn on. For others, everything about it is a turn on. Lots of people are simply curious and have questions about it, and misinformation is everywhere.

Sexual curiosity is normal but in online forums, publications and even some “expert” sites, there are conflicting, and in some cases, just plain wrong information regarding anal sex and the use of enemas.

The question of whether or not to use an enema, which is sometimes referred to as an anal douche, before participating in anal sex is common and the answers vary wildly. Safety, cleanliness, comfort and good health are all important considerations.

Safety must be paramount in any sexual encounter, anal or otherwise. You don’t want to hurt yourself, your partner or risk infection or disease no matter what you are doing. So, condom use is a must. During anal sex the risk of infection is higher than during vaginal sex, so even if you are with a long term partner use a condom. If you switch from anal sex to vaginal sex, be sure to change condoms. Likewise, if you are using toys, be sure to change condoms when you change orifices.

In addition to condom use, the use of lubricant is absolutely essential. The lining of the anus and rectum are delicate and will tear easily, again, making the risk of infection high. Your regular lube is fine, but some people prefer a thicker lube for anal sex for extra protection. Even if you are using toys or just beginning to experiment with anal sex play, use lube, condoms and/or latex gloves for safety.

The question of whether or not you use an enema is mostly one of personal preference, however, safety should again be a consideration. For the majority of people who are inquiring as to whether or not they should use an enema, the main concern is cleanliness. They are worried about seeing or smelling fecal matter during sex, but health should be the larger concern when it comes to the use of enemas. Vaginal douches should never, ever be used in the rectum. They should really be avoided altogether. If you choose to use an enema prior to anal sex, you should purchase one designed for that purpose. Don’t try to make your own.

Some people find that enemas leave the rectum slightly irritated, so you should use it at least several hours before you plan to engage in anal sex. It is also useful to keep in mind that even if you don’t use an enema at all, anal sex will not be as messy as you might imagine. The bowel is where feces is stored, and the rectum and anus are simply passageways. Normal hygiene is generally sufficient. For some people, an enema, or “anal douche,” actually makes it more likely that fecal matter will be encountered during anal play. By forcing defecation, the enema moves feces down from the bowel into the rectum and out of the body. This could leave traces of feces in the rectum which may not have been there otherwise.

All enemas are to force defecation. There are many types available, but only two should be considered: the fleet enema or the cone enema. Either can be purchased at a drugstore. A fleet enema comes in a bottle with a cap designed for easy insertion into the anus with a prepared saline solution. Again, because the lining of the anus and rectum are very sensitive, using the saline solution may cause irritation.

The cone enema is preferable because it uses simple, warm water to flush out the lower bowel. You will need a pair of gloves, some lube and some warm (but not too warm) water to use the cone enema. Follow the directions and go slowly. You will want to release the valve and allow water to flow into the tube before inserting it into your body to avoid air getting forced into you, as that can cause gas and cramping.

The lining of the rectum produces secretions that serve to both lubricate and protect. The purpose of these secretions is to help things slide out of the rectum. Do not make the mistake of thinking these natural secretions are sufficient lubrication for anal play! Lube from a tube (or bottle, you get the idea) is absolutely essential, for butt beginner and anal pro alike. An enema now and then is not harmful, but more frequent use will cause harm through drying out the area. Dryness of the anus can lead to painful tearing which can cause infection, even if you are not engaging in anal sex play. You should never put soap in an enema because soap (like the chemicals in some unsafe enemas) causes severe dryness.

For many, many people, the idea of anal sex or experimentation seems intriguing but a little scary. Whichever way you lean, know that the anus and rectum contain many nerve endings and are highly sensitive. Their close proximity to the sexual organs can make for interesting “indirect stimulation.” For men, the prostate can be stimulated. Some women have found that anal sex can stimulate the G-spot. It’s no wonder that anal play can be pleasurable.

A good way to start experimenting with anal pleasure would be manual insertion of fingers or use of a sex toy like a butt plug. If cleanliness is a factor for you, perhaps a shower beforehand would be relaxing. Begin by getting turned on, whatever that means for you. Maybe it’s a movie, pictures, or just fantasizing. For women, clitoral or vaginal stimulation may get you “revved up” and ready. In any case, lube, lube, lube! The importance really can’t be over-stated. Start be stimulating the outside of the anus, gently rubbing and adding more pressure if you find it pleasurable. The key is to go slow, and stop if you become uncomfortable. If you are using toys, make sure any butt plug you use has a flared base and any bead-type toys are sturdily constructed. Using a sex toy designed for vaginal use is fine, so long as it is thoroughly cleaned after contact with the anus and rectum. But again, it should have a flared base to ensure it can not get “lost”. Germs and bacteria from the rectum can cause vaginal infections, so make sure never to switch from anal to vaginal without taking the proper precautions. If anal sex is something you want to do as a couple, communication is important. The person being penetrated must be able to communicate their comfort level, and the penetrator must be willing to take it nice and easy. Some people find anal sex stimulating, exciting and pleasurable, but others find it uncomfortable or painful. Whichever you are, you should find out slowly and proceed with caution until you are comfortable.

There are also people who find the administration of an enema a sexually stimulating experience – for both partners. If that is the case, just be careful with one another and be aware of the fact that an enema can cause irritation. By and large, questions about the use of enemas prior to anal sex revolve around cleanliness, though. The fact is, enemas are not really necessary for cleanliness. Bathing regularly and having normal bowel movements keeps your body clean and healthy.

Instead you should be focus on safety, condoms, and use lubricant – plenty of it.

Douching Kits

There are a large number of kits and specialized douches available. Here is just a short sampling of some of the things you might find interesting if you’re just starting out.

Unisex Douche/Enema

Unisex Douche Enema. This kit includes all the elements necessary to use as an enema to clean the colon prior to anal activity.


Easy-to-use and safe for beginners. The squeeze bulb’s tapered tip is soft and slim, while the clear PVC hose attachment can be used to douche as well.

FETISH FANTASY SERIES Deluxe Douche/Enema System

Deluxe Douche/Enema SystemGetting clean has never been such dirty fun with the Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Douche/ Enema System

Universal Water Works System

Standard douche attachment for the regular shower.

Universal Douche System For Him

Superior, multi-use douche systemDesigned to be used independently, or with the Universal Waterworks System

Universal Douche System For Her

WaterproofFor intimate water playComplete, high quality, multi-use douche system.

Vulcanite Anal Douche

Comfortable, easy-to-use, unisex douche system with 2 attachments.

Ultimate Douche

Reusable, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean hygienic system with transparent bottle and 2 interchangeable nozzles

Deluxe Douche

Comfortable, easy-to-use, simple to clean, easy to store system with 2 interchangeable nozzles.

Nite Ride

Contoured, seamless, smooth, soft and supple douche. EZ squeeze bulb, flexible non-crimping hose.

Cleaner – Missile Douche

Sleek and seamless anal douche is easy to use and made for comfort. Soft and pliable, with a tapered end, the Cleaner is a complete hygiene system.

Cleaner – Torpedo Douche

A thiner version of the Missle Douche.

Anal Douche

Easy to assemble and clean, water refillable douche with a glow-in-the-dark applicator. Not quite sure why the douche needs to be glow in the dark, but possible used as part of a glow-in-the-dark theme night?

COLT The Guyser Anal Douche

Reusable douche with a soft tip for firm comfort. EZ squeeze bulbEasy to assemble, clean, and use.

COLT Anal Douche

Dual tips for versatile use. EZ squeeze bulb.

Rascal Toys Travel Kit

Embroidered Rascal Travel Bag includes everything needed for an intimate encounter. Reusable douche with large, easy squeeze bulb and angled tip.

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