The way you cook your eggs determines the amount of nutrients one can get for energy. Generally, the difference in sustained energy in the different methods used to cook eggs is slight. Here are my best ways of cooking eggs for more energy;

Soft boiling is the most effective way to cook energy for eggs. Boiling an egg in low heat for 5 to 6 minutes helps preserve all the nutrients from proteins, Vitamin B6, B12 to healthy fat, in the egg yolk while preventing loss of the heat-sensitive vitamins or nutrients.

Hard boilingand poaching are ideal alternatives to cook eggs for energy. There no additional calories that come from fats and the egg retains all its nutrients such as vitamin B12 and proteins which boosts metabolism and energy levels.

Scrambled eggs can also provide the needed energy as you gently heat the eggs maintaining all the needed nutrients. Adding some few drops of water when cooking scrambled eggs make its lighter, hence they are easier to digest to add energy faster.

Over easy cooking your eggs ensures that the whole egg and yolk are properly cooked without losing any nutrients as you flip the egg when it starts to turn brown. Similar to scrambled eggs, the retained nutrients are likely to boost your body energy.

The Best Things to Pair Your Eggs

I recommend you pair your eggs with avocados, ground turkey, quinoa, sprouted or Ezekiel bread, dark green veggies, black beans, oatmeal, grapefruit, or oatmeal. These combos are rich in fiber, proteins, healthy fats, carbs and low in calories.

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