Do you know how to striptease? Herein are incredible steps you can apply to do a sexy striptease in front of your partner.

Striptease is something really amazingwhen it comes to pleasing your man. Your partner would automatically love to see you striptease. Generally, this sounds more fun and hot, especially when you do it with a sexy outfit. But how do you even start doing it? How will your partner take you? Will he laugh or applaud you? These are the questions that keep on popping into your mind when you are still a learner. Make a change with some of the best striptease tips and be sure your man falls for your sexy moves.


You don’t just have to assume that you understand what you are doing. Things might not come out as expected and end up being embarrassed. Trying it alone with different clothes. Music will help you master what you need. Also, this will help you capture every mistake and correct it before strip teasing in front of your man. It’s all about individuality and capturing your spirit. Moreover, you can also watch strip teases of different famous people on YouTube and learn the moves.

Wear a Few Layers, But Not Too Many

Do you have any costumes or characters in mind? Well, go for them. But if you don’t have an idea, choose the classic striptease outfit. A sexy pencil skirt with a collared shirt, heels, seamed stockings, and your hair will automatically complete your style. Moreover, you can choose to add hot undies that match your outfit. But consider going for something that will make you feel comfortable and sexy. A lacy bra, suspenders with matching panties can work well for you.

Assume a Persona

This is one of the greatest things you need to consider when it comes to striptease. It is also suggested by Gala. From this, you can give yourself a great persona for incredible performance. You can go for a French dominatrix or a Russian spy.

Pick the Right Music

Do you know of any sexy songs in your playlist? This is essential as it suggests how great you are or ready to striptease. Pick the sex music from your playlist with a slow tempo and practice on it. This will help you master the art of moving sensually and teasingly.

Dim the Lights

According to Burlesque queen Dita Von Tease, dimmer switches are the best to work with in this regard and set the tone perfectly. However, you can use the candles if you can have access to dimmer switches. Overhead lights can never work perfectly for you.

Tie Your Man Down

Handcuffing is the best word to use here. Consider handcuffing your partner either on a chair or bed, but ensure that your man is comfortable. You can use the ropes, tapes, or cuffs for proper restriction. Your partner cannot touch you until when you are done. Give your man an amazing performance.

Don’t Take Anything Off Yet.

Okay, you have all the things needed and at the right place. You got the music, your lighting, your costume, and your persona. However, it’s not yet time to give your man the full performance. You can go on the stage and start by dancing to your music. This will make your man want to see more.

Start with Your Top

It’s time now! Slowly unbutton the blowing maintaining the contact, followed by your skirt. You can make the whole scenario sexy and appealing by dancing with the clothes as you throw them one by one. Do it until you get everything you needed to off. Moreover, consider wearing a top that is easy to remove to avoid embarrassment when on stage.

Let Things Slide down to the Flow

When wearing a baby doll or teddy, ensure you remove them slowly going down sexually. Consider doing this while standing while maintaining your eye contact with the man. Also, make it look sexy and appealing for the man to stay glued. Keeping things slow and sexy will help attract the attention of your man even more.

Take Your Bra off the Naughty Way

Everything has to look sex and appealing. For this to be achievable, consider sliding your bra slowly down your shoulders until they get off. Generally, strapless bras will work perfectly for you since they are easy to release than bras with straps. Make eye contact while doing this with your man.

Have Fun with Complicated Stuff

This makes things more erotic and sexy. Just by calling out for help to untie the laces or hooks on your corset is amazing. Consider putting on something that will drive your man crazy as you slowly take your time to remove it. Your enticing voice can make everything erotically perfect.

Touch Yourself

Touching yourself is one of the erotic gestures that will keep your man’s eyes and attention glued to your act. Sarcastically, touch all the places you would want your man to take a look at, including your breasts, ass, thighs, and the pussy area. This will definitely make your man hard and ready to strike and feel his dick inside you. Also, do this in the sexiest while maintaining eye contact.

Panties Come Last

This is one of the big parts to finish up with whenever you are learning to tease. Therefore, consider making it dramatic in the most possible way. Tease your man by pulling the pants down and back up again. This makes the whole scene fun and erotic.

Most Importantly, TEASE

Most people would think it’s weird to strip off the pants, especially when someone is around. But everything always comes back to Tease. The fears can limit you from doing it. But you must do it to make a show out of it. Comfort and confidence are essential when it comes to striptease. Therefore, prioritize them whenever you want to tease them.

Final Thoughts

Stripteasing is one of the sexiest activities that often please men. Therefore, mastering every step is critical in ensuring that you do the right thing for your partner. This blog has discussed tips that will help you achieve the best while strip teasing in front of your man.

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