1. Does the G-Spot exist, and what is it?

Yes, some women have it. But not all find pleasure through its stimulation. The G-spot is where three reproductive parts meet; the clitoris, urethra, and vagina. It is called the clitourethrovaginal complex. A lot of debate goes around this part, but more research is required to give more information, including how it produces an orgasm.

2. How to find the G-Spot?

To find the G-spot, let a woman lie on her back. Then, someone else to insert two fingers with palms facing up. At about 5-8 cm and with a ‘come here’ motion of the fingers, the urethral sponge will swell, which is the G-spot. To confirm, a woman might feel the urge to urinate, and it may later become pleasurable for some women.

3. How to stimulate the G-Spot?

Start by ensuring the area is well lubricated. If using a toy, you can lubricate it before inserting. Stroke this part with firm and deep pressure using the up and down technique or circular motion for the best pleasure.

4. What are the best positions to stimulate the G-Spot?

They include;


The cowgirl position gives a woman the chance to take control. She can grind, swivel, or bounce just to achieve the G-spot sensation and pleasure. The key point is arching the back to bring the O vibe closer. Do it by straddling the giver and facing them. Arch the back and hold their knees or thighs for support as you do your thing.

Doggy style

The doggy style is the best for G-spot sensation. It allows proper penetration that hits the G-spot to guarantee a G-spot stimulation. But it is best to rock side to side rather than in and out. Execute it by letting the woman get on her forearms, exposing the butt as the man kneels and enters the vagina from behind.

5. Other comments, recommendations, or insights?

I wish readers to understand that it is perfectly normal not to trace their G-spot. It is also fine if you cannot achieve an orgasm from this area. Matters around sex are individual. If one cannot work for you, I recommend finding out something else that can accomplish your sexual desires, including clit or nipple orgasms.

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