How to have a tighter fit in sex

How to have a tighter fit in sex

If you want to achieve a permanent tighter feel during sex then if one person has a vagina they can perform Kegel exercises which help to tighten the wall of the vagina. They would need to do them regularly to see results.

Any position that involves the partner that’s being penetrated legs being together is great for a tighter feel. A tighter feel during sex can increase the sensations during sex for both partners.

Here are some toys that can help with tightening a vagina for tighter sex.

Her Kegel Kit

The Her Kegel Kit includes,
Powerful multi-speed stimulator.
Perfectly weighted Silicone coated Kegel exerciser with easy retrieval ring.
Ergonomically weighted stainless steel balls to tighten and tone Kegel muscles.

Remote Kegel Excite-Her

Remote Kegel Excite-Her is a one of a kind vibrator that wraps a vibrating core in smooth and silky silicone by just a press of a button. You will be pleasured by this wonderful adult toy. It features 10 different types of vibrations that can make a woman go nuts and reach different phases of orgasms.

Luxe Purple Double O Weighted Kegel Balls for Beginners

The Luxe Purple Double O Weighted Kegel Balls for Beginners are built for pleasure and to strengthen your pelvic muscles, which leads to stronger, more intense orgasms. Each ball contains a weighted bead that causes organic vibrations with your movements, stimulating and massaging you.

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