How to Heat Up a Long Term Relationship

How to Heat Up a Long Term Relationship

Ladies; when you have been in a relationship with someone for a long time it can be difficult to keep the spark alive 24/7, right? Sometimes life just gets in the way; kids, work, looking after the house and familiarity can lead to a lacklustre (or sometime non-existent!) sex life. However, if you are willing to put a bit of effort in you will definitely be able to spice things up a bit. Read on for my tips for heating up a long term relationship.

Spend more time on foreplay – when you’ve been with the same partner for a little while the first thing that tends to go out of the window is good quality foreplay. This is very unfortunate as depriving yourselves of 15 or so minutes of foreplay before the main event will lead to you feeling less aroused and in turn your orgasms will not be as strong. Do yourselves a favour and attempt to have 15 minutes warm up before diving in.

Treat yourself to some new lingerie – its all well and good keeping your old comfy knickers for when you just want to relax, but it’s also important to make sure that your lingerie draw also contains some saucy and well-fitting knickers and bras. If your partner is used to seeing you in mismatched undies, then getting a flash of black lace could be all that’s required to get things moving! Make a point of checking through your draws once every 6 month; chuck out anything old and faded and treat yourself to a couple of new sets of sexy lingerie.

Watch something racy together – while I’m very much against having a TV in the bedroom, it can be useful to take the laptop to bed with you every now and then to watch a racy movie. Watching porn or risque programs together is a great way of bringing the passion back. One word of warning however; do not allow yourselves to rely on porn to put you in the mood. Watch a movie or program once and week, but no more than that.

Invest in some toys – sex toys are an amazing way of adding heat to your bedroom activities. Experimentation is key to great sex, and what better way to experiment than with brightly coloured things that vibrate?! Take a look at the Peaches and Screams website for a huge range of brilliant toys for men, toys for women and toys for couples!

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