How to Look After Your Sex Doll

How to Look After Your Sex Doll

When you indulge in your session with your doll, it is always expected that fluids will be trapped within the crevices of the toy. These biological fluids always have a chance of festering into something really disgusting and also may end up harboring bacteria that may cause infections. For this reason, sex dolls require maintenance to ensure that they stay safe and also to provide service for a longer period of time.

Maintenance may sound tricky and challenging, but in reality it is all dependent on the construction of the toy. Blow up sex dolls and lifelike realistic sex dolls have almost similar maintenance procedures although not entirely identical.

Blow Up Sex Dolls

Most damage that befalls the inflatable sex doll is related to the pressure that is within it. Excessive inflation makes the seams weaker and weaker, and finally the doll succumbs to the pressure and rips in some places. When you inflate your doll, always ensure that you take care not to put excess air into it. During inflation, fill up most of the doll and then leave it to rest for ten minutes or so. This will allow the air to spread even within the doll, and then you can fill it up. This simple technique will ensure that the pressure on the doll is just right, reducing the chances of the seams ripping.

If the genitals can be turned inside out, this makes the doll easier to clean. Just turn the holes inside out and clean thoroughly with the compatible toy cleaner. If the holes cannot be turned inside out, take the time to clean the toy thoroughly. With the toy still inflated, the cleanup will be much easier as there will be fewer folds and crevices to get to. Just find a soft suitable brush to help you reach inside the holes for a thorough cleaning.

If there are any rips, always ensure that you repair them immediately. Always ensure the area is clean so that the glue may stick properly to form an airtight seal. Always make sure that the repair kit is stored somewhere nearby so that you can always have it on hand when there are any accidents or snags that end up ripping the PVC material of the doll.

Lifelike Realistic Sex Dolls

The material composition of the realistic sex doll makes it a bit more delicate, making maintenance just a little bit more complicated compared to the PVC blow up sex doll. The realistic sex doll may feature a detachable genital, be it the vibrating vagina or masturbator. In this case, you would take care of it the same way that you take care of your normal masturbator. Just detach the genitals, clean with the toy cleaner and rinse it out. Then dry the masturbator thoroughly before applying renewer powder to it to keep it soft and supple.

For the non detachable genitals, always ensure that you have the necessary cleaning tools to ensure that you can reach the crevices within the tunnel. Using the necessary brush and toy cleaner, ensure that you thoroughly clean the openings. Then dry the toy and apply ample renewer powder.

Realistic blow up dolls require renewer powder to ensure that the toy remains soft and supple. If you store the doll without applying the powder, the material becomes sticky. This sticky feeling is not very appealing during your masturbation session.

Lifelike Japanese Sex Dolls

These require the same treatment as life like male masturbators. Ensure that you clean the doll from top to bottom in a shallow bath. It has provisions for the anal and vaginal opening, so ensure that you clean these areas thoroughly also. Always use an antibacterial toy cleaner for extra safety. After this cleaning, ensure that you dry the toy from top to bottom and even in the openings.

Take the renewer powder and make sure that you apply in top to bottom, inside and out before storing it away.

Maintaining your sex doll is paramount if you plan on getting a long term service from the doll. During play always use ample lube to ensure that friction is minimized to reduce friction related wear and tear.

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