Making your own CBD vape juice is much easier. With the proper ingredients available, one can make their own CBD vape juice of their choice. With the popularity of the products, they turn out to be more expensive, making it cheaper for an individual to make their CBD products at home. Making your own CBD juice, one will know the composition as individuals will know what they want.  This article explains what is needed and expected for an individual to make their own homemade CBD juice with their preferred choice and preferences. 

Get Ingredients Necessary for CBD E-Liquid

Vape juice contains four main components: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavorings. CBD liquids are mainly made using the same ingredients, but they swap the nicotine for CBD isolate. CBD isolate is cannabidiol and is in its purest form. It has a high concentration and contains no THC or any other substance. Isolates should have a bright white color for a high-quality product. CBD isolates do not dissolve in vegetable glycerin but are needed to smooth out the vapor. A pure PG-based e-liquid might be very harsh and intolerable for most users. The isolate needs to be diluted in propylene glycol and added to the ingredients. Getting the right PG/VG mix is important to prevent the CBD from recrystallizing.

Get The main Supplies to Make Cbd Juice at your House.

The components needed for making your own CBD e-liquid include;

  • Pure VG
  • Pure PG
  • Cbd isolate
  • An empty 30ml glass bottle
  • Blunt needle syringe
  • Some flavoring

Measure Out the Quantities

30ml glass bottles are recommended for use because they are easy to find and easy to work with. It provides a good estimate of how much more you save than store-bought CBD juice. For the 60 PG and 40 VG, you need to measure 18ml of propylene glycol and 12ml of vegetable glycerin. When using flavors, you will subtract the amount of flavor from the amount of PG. About 15ml PG and 3ml flavoring is needed to make a standard vape juice.

Mix The Ingredients in This Particular Order

The key to a crystal-clear CBD e-juice is to dissolve the isolate in PG and add the rest afterward. 18ml of PG to be poured inside the bottle, and the isolated crystals are added. Place on the dropper cup and shake the bottle vigorously for a minute. Dip the bottle in a container filled with hot water and leave it for about ten minutes.

Vaping Your CBD E-Liquid

Make sure you have primed the coils and filled your tank with e-liquid. The mouth-to-lung atomizer is recommended for vaping efficiently. The taste of CBD is a little bitter; thus, it is a good idea to take slow puffs gradually. The juice might feel a little harsh on your throat due to the high PG content. The user should use the right flavor profile with the right amount when using flavors. Individuals can use less VG for recrystallizing or drop the bottle in hot water again and shake it until it becomes fully transparent.


Making CBD vape juice is a very simple and reliable task because you get to choose your ingredients. It is cheaper to make your vape juice than buy it from a store. You can make it at home with different flavors considering your best flavor. For a better CBD juice, you should have a good understanding of each ingredient. An individual can store CBD even for a year with better storage capabilities. The process can take 15-20 minutes, as making your vape juice gives you more control over the vape juice and its composition. Quality ingredients should maximize the inhaling experience and make it sensational.

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