How to Protect Your Home from Mould, Especially in Colder Months

Dehumidify Your Home

Dehumidifying is necessary to create an environment that does not allow mould to grow. To dehumidify your home, I advise you to install a dehumidifier, keep fabric mats out of areas with excess moisture, including basements and bathrooms, shower with cold water and avoid storing wet laundry in laundry baskets.

Ensure no Part of Your Home is Leaking

Another good way to protect your home from mould is by ensuring your gutters, basement areas, pipes, and drains are not leaking. A wet winter season and leaks provide an accommodating environment where mould can grow and develop.

Perform Mold Testing

Mould testing allows you to know whether mould particles are present in the air and on surfaces in your home. Once you find the mould particles, you can adopt strategies to eliminate mould and keep your property and family safe. Still, you can hire professional mould testing services if you cannot perform mould testing.

A Brief Background On Mould

Mould is a fungus that mainly grows on substances exposed to excessive moisture, including carpets, foods, wood and paper. Together with mushrooms and yeast, they form a group of organisms called fungi.

How Can It Affect Someone Living Amongst Mouldy Environments?

Mould reproduces by releasing spores, contaminating water and the air we breathe. As a mould expert, I discovered that breathing mould and mould spores is not good news for your health.It can lead to allergic reactions, asthma and respiratory symptoms.

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