How to Score Some Major Brownie Points this Valentine's Day!

How to Score Some Major Brownie Points this Valentine’s Day!

Most women love Valentine’s Daythat’s just a fact, so the 14th of February is the perfect opportunity to score some major brownie points within your relationship.

If you are planning a lad’s weekend away or you’d like to buy that season ticket then the chances are that you will be greeted with more warmth at your requests if you take the time to make a big deal of Valentine’s Day. Sounds terribly sexist doesn’t bit, but the cold hard truth is that women love romance, hearts, chocolates and flowers while men aren’t really that bothered. This situation means that many men are losing out on the opportunity to please the lady in their life and to reap the benefits which follow.

Below I have listed some ideas for ways to make Valentine’s Day extra special, and if a more agreeable girlfriend/fiance/wife isn’t reason enough to try these ideas, how about the enthusiastic sex which generally follows v-day romance?

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Leave work early:

Try to get home before she does on the 14th (or whenever you decide to celebrate) so that you can make a few arrangements. If you are staying in for a meal then start to make preparations to show willing. It can be very romantic to cook together! You should also open some wine and greet her at the door with a glasspreferably of sparkling pink!

Create a romantic atmosphere:

Lighting a few sweet smelling candles or incense sticks takes seconds but will create a relaxed atmosphere which she will enjoy. A simple red throw and a few scatter cushions on the couch will also impress her massively as it turns your usual space into something very different and much more romantic. If the two of you decide to have a bath then don’t forget candles for around the rim, but mind your hair!

Offer her a back or foot rub:

Small gestures like this will have a big impact on how much she enjoys the rest of the evening. You may even get a massage in return!

Surprise her with sexy lingerie:

It is surprisingly difficult to buy lingerie for a woman if you don’t know her size or preferences. If you’ve been together for a while the chances are you will already know her size but if not then take a look in her lingerie draw. Note down the size of the bras and knickers that she wears the most as these will be the ones she feels most comfortable in. When you visit a lingerie boutique take the details with you and don’t be afraid to ask the sales woman for advice, or take a look on the Peaches and Screams website!

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