How to Sext - The Ultimate Sexting Guide

How to Sext – The Ultimate Sexting Guide

The term ‘sexting’ is defined as ‘the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones’ and is something which has been popular with younger sexually active individuals (teens, and early 20s) for some time. It seems however, that people over the age of about 25 tend to steer clear of this form of foreplay…but are we missing a trick here?

I’m a great advocate of trying new things and for doing my research before writing a blog post for you guys to enjoy, so I carried out a sexting experiment to see whether sexting is a passion starter or a mood killer, and I have laid out my findings below…

I guess that my first piece of advice is to avoid drunken sexting like the plague! It may seem at the time like an excellent idea to send a saucy text or photo to your significant other, but 9 times out of 10 you will regret it come morning! It’s a far better idea to try out sexting while sober so that you can accurately gauge your partner’s reaction. Oh, and make sure autocorrect is turned off before beginning a session…I don’t really need to explain why… Also, don’t use terms like LOL, ROFL, LMAO etc. or emoticons. These will ruin the mood, so just stick to plain English.

Right, so now that’s all out of the way the best place to start is with a casual but slightly suggestive text saying ‘hi sexy’, ‘hey gorgeous’ or something similar. This will grab his attention, especially if you usual use his name or just ‘hiya’ in day to day texts. Don’t worry if the nerves kick in, just relax and come up with some saucy things to text back. Make sure you are somewhere where you won’t be disturbed and get things going your end with your fingers and/or toys. It’s important to try not to sound like a cheesy porn star, although this can be difficult as dirty talk tends to sound a bit cringe-worthy when said out loud!

My advice is to concentrate on telling him what you will do to him when he gets home (in great detail!), how his sexy texts are making you feel, how your body and responding and what you are doing to yourself. All of this is very likely to have him so hot and bothered that he escapes the office early to finish the job himself!

Finally a word of warning: If you engage in sexting which involves explicit images make sure that those images will not end up in the wrong hands. I would strongly suggest that you do not send these types of images to your partner if you are just dating and not in a serious relationship, as you could be put in a compromising position should the relationship fail. Stick to typed texts and you should be fine!

Happy sexting!

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