To get to the bottom of these, it must first be known what causes lack of sleep so that individuals can know what remedies they require. Sleep is an essential part of any person’s well-being. A human being spends about one-third of their life asleep. Many experiences this, or at least once a week, wake up feeling exhausted. Various issues cause this lack of sleep. This lack of sleep can be a medical ailment of the surrounding. Lack of sleep can be caused by insomnia. It is a sleep disorder marked by problems getting sleep and can have profound effects such as daytime sleepiness. It is caused by stress, poor sleeping habits, depression, physical illness, and pain. Neurological problems and specific sleep disorders can also cause it. Insomnia is in two classes. Short-term insomnia happens for short periods, and chronic insomnia can last more than three months. Stress can also cause one not to get sleep. It is a feeling of emotional or physical tension due to everyday events at home or work. Its symptoms include panic attacks, difficulty breathing, fatigue, and muscle aches. You can relieve these by considering supplements and getting more physical activity.

To know if they sleep best, they should first understand how much sleep they need. If one wakes up tired, one should know it is not getting enough sleep. The simplest way to determine if one is getting adequate sleep one check if they often feel tired at work and long for a nap. You can also check if you fall asleep when commuting to and from work and having trouble staying focused during the day. Scientists have it that people who sleep seven hours a day are always healthier and tend to live longer. Below are some ways to get better sleep or reduce the issue of waking up feeling exhausted.


It is essential because it helps us go in uniformity with the body clock. Reddy et al. (2022) explained that this system in the body controls when to sleep, eat, or do other daily activities and is also called the circadian rhythm. It is like an internal timekeeper for everything we do in twenty hours. Once an individual understands their body clock, they can reset it by having a routine on which the body can rely. The circadian rhythm can be distorted by aspects such as temperature and light. Once a person has a diary, the body will automatically set itself, and they won’t have issues sleeping. Chaput et al. (2018) explained that in keeping a sleep diary, one might indicate how many hours they slept and how they woke up feeling. An individual can also take a vacation from their alarm. It will go a long way in helping you know your sleeping needs. That way, an individual will see if it is normal tiredness from the work one engages in or insomnia. This sleep diary will give important insights into your sleep habits and apply to your doctor if you think you have a sleep disorder. The circadian rhythm can be set as below.


Naturally, exercise helps with melatonin production, which aids in sleep. Working out enables our bodies to synchronize with the circadian rhythm. Other people work out because it makes them feel energetic. Haspel et al. (2020) stated that one should avoid alcohol as much as after a drinking spree one feels tired or sleepy; it affects your circadian rhythm in the long run as the circadian rhythm is affected. Smoking also distorts the body clock as much as smokers say it relaxes them. To sum it up, substance abuse distorts the circadian rhythm. It is because of the so-called high these substances give the users. It is also affected if one takes naps during the day. A nap limit of 30 minutes is recommended or less by scientists. Lastly, one may gradually move their bedtime to reset their body clock. Lastly, have a routine. If one has been going to bed at different night hours, try setting up a schedule and sticking to it. That way, one will be able to sleep tight. One can know it is time to reset their circadian rhythm if they have trouble staying awake in the evening, have difficulty waking in the morning, or have trouble focusing on daily tasks and routines.

Pay Attention to What You Eat or Drink

Wondemagegn et al. (2017) explained that apart from alcohol or chewing miraa, one should try not to go hungry. If a person is starved, trust me, they may not get any sleep whatsoever. It is because the body’s digestion process helps us in one way be in a rest mode and enables us to sleep tight.


Here it is meant that personal physician. If one tries the remedies mentioned above, one can now seek medical assistance. It is said that because of all the things mentioned; one can test or practice themselves at home; it only requires discipline and commitment. The medical expert will advise accordingly or prescribe the necessary medications.


There is a thin line between knowing if one is sick from sleep disorders and their daily practices affecting them. Before jumping to any conclusion, try some of the home remedies mentioned above and decide what is best for yourself. If there is no change, then seek medical advice.


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