How to Store Sex Toys

How to Store Sex Toys

Sex toys provide so much sexual satisfaction that sometimes it may be possible to forget that they need to be taken care of.

Non Realistic Toys
Sex toys in this category include silicone, glass and metal toys. These toys are not so fickle and therefore you may have an easier time cleaning them up. First off, rinse the toy to wash off any fluids. Then using the correct toy cleaner, clean every nook and cranny of the toy especially the ticklers in the tunnels. Once you are sure every inch has been cleaned, rinse off the toy with a lot of warm water.

Before storage, the toy has to be thoroughly dry to prevent moisture damage. Air drying is slow but effective. However, if you are in a hurry it is better to dab the toy dry with a towel making sure that you get to every inch of the toy.

Realistic Toys
Cyberskin is a fickle material that is not compatible with many toy cleaners. Just like its incompatibility with many lubricants, the cyberskin material requires that you pay close attention to the ingredients of the toy cleaners you may currently have.

Because cyberskin is mostly composed of mineral oil, any oil based product will cause the material to deteriorate, destroying the toy in time. The best way to clean the toy is by using a cloth dipped in hot water and making sure it is wrung out well. Use the cloth to wipe down the sleeve thoroughly.

If you must use soap, always use a very little amount. However, continued use of soap will cause the toy to deteriorate, reducing the lifespan of your toy. If you have the mind to try sanitizing your toy using isopropyl alcohol, don’t. Isopropyl alcohol and any product that contains it will damage your toy. Always check the ingredients before using any cleaning product on your toy.

For the best results, you can invest in fleshwash, a cleaning product designed to clean the cyberskin material. This cleaner is antibacterial, ensuring that your toy is safe for use in no time. This cleaner uses triclosan as the antibacterial ingredient, an active ingredient found in hand sanitizer. However, triclosan is an ingredient surrounded by a lot of controversy. There are claims that it is not safe for humans, a claim that hasn’t been fully substantiated. However, since the fleshlight will be in contact with your dong, it is imperative that you have this information.

If you think that hand sanitizer will make a good cleaning agent, you are sorely mistaken. Hand sanitizer will damage the cyberskin, leaving your toy with a short lifespan.

After cleaning your toy, thoroughly rinse it. Shake off the excess water and let the sleeve air dry. You can place it near a fan to speed up the process. If you are in a rush, dab the toy dry with a towel to soak off the water. When the toy is sufficiently dry, apply renewer powder to keep it supple and soft.

Sex Toys Storage
Sex toys should only be stored after they have been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Storing a dirty toy is a recipe for disaster as the bacteria will fester causing you some serious infection later. Storing a wet toy is also a bad idea as this will lead to moisture related damage to your beloved toys.

Sex toys should be stored in a cool dry place. The common misconception is that you can just throw all your toys in one place. Mixing your sex toys will lead to some damage, limiting the use of the toy. Sex toys should be stored separately to ensure that the materials do not come into contact with each other. Some sex toys come in some storage case and this is a great way to store the toy. If you have no storage case, you could always purchase toy bags for each of your toys. If you are looking for secure storage, a lockable case is also a good place to store the toy.

Once every toy is in its individual case or bag, it is now safe to put the toy in the designated drawer or closet.

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