How To Talk to Your Partner About Birth Control

How To Talk to Your Partner About Birth Control

I bet we all know what happened on Friday last week. If you have been living under the rocks for the past few weeks, roe v wade was overturned. Roe v wade was a bill that protected abortion. Following the overturning of the bill, abortion is no longer a protected right. However, the decision on whether to protect abortion or deem it illegal lies with the states. Back to the main topic; the best time to talk about birth control with your partner is before having sex. Tell your partner what birth control means to all of you. From there, you can look for a form of birth control that resonates with you or gives you higher chances of avoiding pregnancy. You may also want to talk about birth control, even if you are already into it. Tell your partner the pill or IUD you use protects against pregnancy, not STIs. For this reason, they should also use condoms for added safety.

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