Thinking of venturing into the world of wax play with your kinky massage candles but don’t know how to use them? Worry less, here are safety tips on how you can use massage candles to explore different sensations.

Wax play is one of the intense and pleasurable bondage plays in the BDSM community. A massage candle during a bondage play allows you to explore different sensations to satisfy your sexual fantasies. You can play with your massage candle comfortably and safely without being extremely intense with your partner. Moreover, massage candles are a great deal to bondage couples who engage in numerous senses. The best way to give your partner a sensual and stimulating experience during foreplay is by introducing bondage massage candles. Furthermore, massage candles are great since they remind you of how sensational and pleasurable sex toys are. Experience your foreplay intimately and sweetly with massage candles.

What Is a Massage Candle?

Massage candlesare perfectly designed skin-friendly oil with a low melting point to offer a sensational massaging experience. They are also the safest product for extreme and pleasurable wax play. Unlike the other regular candle wax, the kinky massage candles have a lower temperature. This makes them safe for your skin since they aren’t hot. Different sex toy brands and companies produce massage candles with different scents and flavors. These scents include cedar leaf, amber, and lemongrass, intended to offer an intimate, warm, and sensual experience.

How do Massage Candles Work?

Regular candle wax is known for burning and offering an extremely painful waxing experience. However, this is different from massage candles. If looking for sensual touch and stimulating massage, consider choosing massage candles. These candles are designed to offer increased arousal, relaxation, comfort, and intimacy. Moreover, applying this erotic massage candle to the skin adds a level of enjoyment and sensuality. Lastly, you can focus on your partner’s back, buttocks, shoulders, and neck to give it a great start.

How do You Use Massage Candles?

Using massage candles during sex or bondage play is enjoyable if applied perfectly. Consider lighting the massage candle to melt before you use it. This allows easy use. You can pour dropwise or use your finger in the melted oil and apply it to your partner’s skin. However, if using your fingers, ensure they are clean to prevent the build-up of microbes in the massage oil. When applying the oil to your skin, consider avoiding certain body parts like the vagina and anus. The massage candle is only designed for external use. Therefore, concentrate on areas like shoulders, neck, feet, back, or inner thighs.

The candle shouldn’t be placed close to any flammable materials such as blankets and curtains. However, if you want it closed for easy access, consider placing it on the bedside chair or table. But always be careful with your candle whenever you are having sex with your partner after foreplay. Placing your candle properly leaves your room with a sensual aroma that adds flavor to your bedroom vibes. Moreover, if you are going for additional bondage tools like blindfolds, ensure you have enough experience. This will prevent you from any injuries during the play. Remember to turn the candle off after you are through with the play.

Different Types of Massage Candles

Here are some of the great massage candles you can consider introducing to your bondage play or sex life.

Natural Edible Soy Candle

This candle both smells and looks great to consume. It is made from edible soy wax, which makes it generally charming. With this massage candle on your partner’s skin, you can romantically lick it, leaving your partner weak and aroused. It is blended with vitamin E, shea butter, and almond oil that makes it great. Consider this kinky natural edible soy massage candle to add flavor to your bedroom vibe.

Skin Smoothing Massage Candle

This skin-smoothing massage candle is the perfect aromatic oil to include in your bedroom. The candle features a smoothing scent of rose flowers. They are known for their singular and sweet fragrance. Also, the massage candle is mixed with light honey notes, making it the perfect candle choice for you. If you love using your tongue, then this is the best massage candle to buy.

Skin Treatment Candle

This amazing skin treatment massage candle is designed to give you the perfect massage oil. It is blended with jasmine, French lavender, and sweet basil that gently lifts your sweet moods. The massage candle also gives you an amazing and calming feeling. The massage candle is made from natural ingredients, making it perfect for those people with sensitive skin or allergies. Generally, this skin treatment candle is safe.

Zodiac Soy Massage Candles

Zodiac soy massage candle is one of the best choices to consider when choosing massage candles. With this erotic massage candle in your collection, you are guaranteed a sensual and warm massage experience. Try it out today and have the best massaging experience with your partner.

Lavender Massage Candle

This simple and amazing vegan massage candle is designed perfectly to give you sensational relaxation. It features a lavender fragrant, which adds flavor to your sex life. Buy your lavender massage candle today and explore your bodies erotically.

Intimate Massage Candle

The hand-poured massage candle will give you sensational and mind-blowing pleasures. It is made from the nourishing shea butter with peonies and grapefruits’ smell. Moreover, it makes a great choice for those who love scents and fragrances.

What Are the Safest Ways to Use Massage Candle?

Massage candles are perfectly designed to offer a safe and comfortable massaging experience. This means they are safer compared to the other regular candles. Their melting points also differ, making them extremely different. Massage candles have a lower melting point than regular candles. Therefore, they shouldn’t be introduced inside the bedroom. Also, when buying massage candles, consider buying from reputable sex toy brands to have the best choices. Furthermore, these candles aren’t the best choice for internal use. Lastly, they aren’t compatible with latex and other types of condoms. So, stick to massaging only.

Final Thoughts

Massage candles are amazing sex products you can consider having in your sex toy collection. They are bound to give you a relaxing and comfortable body before or after long sexual intercourse. Numerous types of candles come with different flavors and scents to give your a different experience. Buy your massage candle today and explore your bodies with your partner.

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