Anal beads are toys used during butt play. It can either be used solo or partnered. They resemble a bulb attached to a cordhaving a grip on its end. The end grip makes it easier to remove the bead once it is inserted into the anus. The removal and insertion of the anal beads increase sexual pleasure by stimulating the nerve endings in the anus. They range from small to huge beads. The size of the anal bead you choose to use depends on comfort and preference. This article will guide you on how to use an anal bead to enhance sexual stimulations.

Choose An Anal Bead That Suits Your Preference

Since there are a variety of anal beads, not all of them will suit your taste. Some are large and others are small. Moreover, they also come in different shapes and materials. Do thorough research and find a bead perfect for you. Silicone anal beads and others that are spherical are best for armatures.

Begin by using small anal beads that increase their size along their string.  Some anal beads also contain vibrational settings that when triggered increases sexual sensations.

Maintain Proper Hygienic Conditions

Any form of anal play is greatly linked to hygiene. Failure to clean the butt hole, the bacteria that are found inside the butt hole may spread to the genitalia or mouth. That may cause transmission of infections. Anal beads must be washed before and after use. Normally, warm water with mild soap is ideal for this purpose. Moreover, sex to cleaner may be used too.

Use A Lot of Lube Oil.

A lot of lubesare crucial for any form of butt sex. That is because the anus does not lubricate itself naturally like the vagina. A finger may be used to apply the required amount of lube onto every single anal bead. After the bead is lubricated properly, the butt hole is next. The lube oil should be re-applied regularly to prevent drying that may cause injuries during penetration. Go for a lube oil that works best for you. For example, silicone-based lubes, water-based, and latex are some of the commonly used lubes. Silicone-based lubes are long-lasting however, it causes sex toy deterioration.

Try Using Anal Beads When Masturbating.

Get comfier on your masturbation by using anal beads for anal penetration. That will allow you to slow down to experience sensations that feel pleasurable in your body. After the application of the lube, the anal bead is gently inserted. The beads should penetrate your butt hole one by one until the size when you’ll feel comfortable. At first, the sphincter muscles tighten. If this happens, relax your butt hole after inserting a bead. Also, try additional relaxation processes such as deep breathing exercises. Once the beats are in the butt hole completely, focus on other erogenous zones. The erogenous zones include breasts, nipples, prostrate, toes, vulva, and clitoris. When your masturbation session reaches climax, try to pull the anal beads as you orgasm. You may experience blended orgasm and a series of sensations. Anal beads are designed for stimulation of nerve endings upon removal unlike butt plugs or dildos.

Combine Some Other Sexual Acts with Anal Beads.

Once you feel comfortable with the anal beads, try exploring them with your sexual partner. Try out different sexual positions for more stimulation. For ladies, anal beads can be used to create a double penetration feeling. The anal beads may be used alongside dildos or bullet vibrators for maximum stimulation. Keep in mind that anal bead sensation is experienced when removing it when having an orgasm.

Have A Clear Communication With Your Partner (If partnered)

Using anal beads with a partner needs communication. That enables both of you to know the dos and don’ts when penetrating. Remember that you may stop at any given time once a partner requests. You need to be comfortable with any sex forms including anal bead play. However, be aware that the use of anal beads doe does not imply that butt play is on the table. Each partner’s sexual act requires permission.

Anal beads increase sexual fun whether you are masturbating solo or with a partner. For those who are new to anal sex, sex toys such as butt plugs, prostate massagers and dildos may be of help.

Care And Cleaning

It is crucial to clean anal beads after and before every use. It is done for reducing the risk of infections caused by bacteria. Water and mild antibacterial soap are used for this purpose. Make sure to reach every single place of the anal bead and that no place is left unscathed. Also, you may use your dishwasher to clean the anal beads like any other utensil.

Alternatively, the anal beads may be soaked in a weak bleaching solution. The beads are left in the solution for some time then later washed using hot water and mild soap. Also, sanitize the toy after washing to kill any remnant bacteria. Keep in mind that anal beads should not be shared. If you have a partner, each of you should have personal anal beads.

Why Do People Love Anal Beads?

Anal beads are exciting sex toys that are good for foreplay and sexual intercourse. They stimulate the erogenous zones in the butt hole thus providing endless sensations. When moved in and out, anal beads stimulate the sphincter muscles.

The Bottom Line

Anal beads are not as intimidating as butt plugs. That is why beginners will opt for anal beads instead of dildos or butt plugs. As a hands-freesex toy, anal beads enable you to multitask. Most folks especially ladies enjoy wearing the beads during vaginal penetration. That enhances strong sensations and stimulations that make them climax easily. However, some people prefer using anal beads during foreplay. Any mess when using anal beads depends on how well you prepared yourself. There are a variety of choices involved when cleaning the butt hole. For quick cleaning, an alcohol-free, hypoallergenic unscented baby wipe is ideal.

Kristina Shafarenko

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