How to Use Anal Beads - What Are Anal Beads?

How to Use Anal Beads – What Are Anal Beads?

Gone are the days when anal was considered taboo and if you’re just finding out about this erogenous zone then you’re in for some fun times ahead.

At first, anal play can be quite tentative and if there is not open and honest communication between partners, it can be a bit of hit and miss so to speak. You may not be too sure of exactly how your partner might react to a wandering finger or toy so proceeding with caution is never the wrong move.

But whether you’re just a novice or you’re a full on out of the closet anal aficionado, anal toys like the anal beads can bring not only a new level of fun into the bedroom but they can be highly erotic and very pleasurable for both players.

Anal beads come in a whole variety of shapes, sizes, and even colors. It really becomes a matter of personal preference on what kind of anal bead toy you want to try out. Getting the hang of using them is also a bit tricky but with lots of lube and just a few slight of hand maneuvers soon you will be sliding those babies in one and at a time like a pro.

With all the varieties, the hardest thing will be to decide between the Bum Buddies Swirl Anal Beads and a whole range of vibrating Butt Beads that are guaranteed to make you squirm and cum.

These particular anal beads have been designed with a lot of care and precision to ensure not only will your experience with using them, whether it be the first time or the hundredth time, be pleasurable but you know that you won’t have to worry about any complications or accidental problems.

Always remember to keep your anal beads clean and store them safely away so that they are not subjected to any outside elements or curious eyes that might add some interesting dinner conversation into the mix that you were not counting on.

But even if you really are not even that sure whether anal beads are for you – with these particular ones and their very affordable price tag, you really don’t have much to lose and a whole lot of pleasurable times to gain – that really it’s worth giving them a try.

Make it surprise under the pillow gift if your love life needs some spicing up. Or even as a somewhat of a ‘gag’ gift to a partner can turn a laugh into a few good orgasms if you can convince that person that it’s all in a good night’s fun.

And even if after using these anal beads you think that it really is just not the kind of experience that really turns you on, then hey – no problem. But at least you’ve been open minded and given yourself and your partner and your sex life a little something extra to giggle over down the road. And having fun is really the name of the whole sex game – so go out and order these anal beads today and have some new fun in the sack this weekend!

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