How Your Nervous System Is Affected by Relationships

How Your Nervous System Is Affected by Relationships

When the relationship is healthy, you are more likely to co-regulate with your partner. Here, your nervous system can influence their’s and vice versa. On the other hand, when the relationship is abusive, you experience self-regulation.

How Certain Relationships Trigger Our Nervous System

Positive social interactions or healthy relationships awaken the brain structure, initiating myelinated vagus stimulation. Once stimulated, the myelinated vagus triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, making us feel relaxed and comfortable. On the other hand, negative social interactions or abusive relationships cue our sympathetic nervous system, leaving us with increased heart rates, quickened breath, and feelings of agitation.

What Type of Relationship We Should Look for To Help Our Nervous System Feel Safe?

From the explanation above, we should look for healthy relationships to help our nervous system feel safe.

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