BEAUTY LIP BALM is an online store based in the UK, 

founded in January 2022, aims to offer customers a variety of 

beauty lip balm essentials. BEAUTY LIP BALM knows exactly 

which direction to take when supplying high quality products, 

and they always keep an eye out on the latest trends and put their 

customers’ wishes first! 

“We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love making 

them available for you”. #BeautyLipBalm �� 

Founder story and what motivated them to start the 


Amiela Mirreh, Founder at www.beautylipbalm.com – “I 

always put on lip balm first thing in the morning”. 

When I was younger, I could not go a day without taking my lip 

balm with me to school. I would apply my lip balm morning, 

day and night. It was not only a beauty essential to put in my bag 

whenever I needed it, it was my go-to thing to take with me 

wherever I go! 

Now that I am older, age 37, I wonder what it would be like to have a business of my own. I knew becoming an entrepreneur can be competitive in the beauty industry today, but my passion to open an online store pushed me to go for what I really want in life and what I love to do! 

I knew it was the right time for me to make my dreams come true and to start selling my favourite lip balms and lip glosses online. That is when BEAUTY LIP BALM came alive and I was excited to share my ideas to the world! 

Being the bigger sister in the family came with a lot of responsibilities. I grew up in a large family with 8 siblings and that helped me to become optimistic in what I love to do, so I can lead a great example for my brothers and sisters to try and do their best in life when growing up. My strong characteristic to keep going came from my loving parents who I admire the most in this world, and without their passion and courage to raise a family of 8 children under the same roof, I would have not come this far to go for what I really wanted! 

Following my deepest desires to open an online store was a crazy decision that I have ever made in the pandemic since January, 2022. 

BEAUTY LIP BALM Store is designed to bring you the most beautiful, nourishing and moisturising lip balms and lip glosses with a unique formulation of beeswax and avocado oil that helps to restore moisture and protect the lips from environmental damage, while aloe vera soothes the skin.

The challenges the business/market is facing? 

However, due to popular outcomes in our store and the ongoing of the pandemic, shipping worldwide can vary between 2-3 weeks of service. BEAUTY LIP BALM customers are still satisfied with their purchases and always come back to buy more as they love shopping with us. The challenges of running an online store can become hectic, but the most important thing is to always focus on customer needs at all times, and keep them up to date with tracking details, as this will improve customer service in all areas of the business. 

The opportunities the business/market is facing? 

This summer a few of our BEAUTY LIP BALM products have already SOLD OUT! Our online store opportunity to grow in the pandemic has made our heart melt and we are so proud of all the hard work and dedication we put into opening an online store. This helped the store achieve something big this year starting in January 2022, and we will keep going no matter what! 

“Thank you to all our customers’ who have believed in us and supported us since the BEAUTY LIP BALM online store opened!” . 

Advice to others about business? 

Opening an online store can be fun and exciting at first, but you can learn a lot and gain a beautiful experience in the process of becoming your own entrepreneur. With great dedication, structure, commitment and real passion you can always achieve what you really want in life! 

My advice – “Don’t hold back, keep going and go for what you really want in life! If I can do it, so can you!”. 

Experience the smooth and luxurious feeling of our COLLECTION! – www.beautylipbalm.com 

TEMPERATURE CHANGE LIP BALM is an all-natural blend of 

natural ingredients that are designed to bring you the most beautiful, 

nourishing and moisturising lips. 

BEAUTY LIP BALM uses a unique blend of organic essential oils 

including jojoba oil with sweet almond extract for a smooth, creamy 

texture that will leave your lips soft. 

A cooling sensation and relaxing aroma combine with a sweet almond 

extract to revitalise your lips. This balmy lip treatment helps create a 

rich and smooth finish without clogging pores or irritation. 

Great techique – Apply the balm or gloss with a dampened circular motion until completely absorb on the lips.

SILKY LIPSTICK enhances your natural beauty. It is created with a 

unique formula that hydrates and softens lips, leaving you looking 

fresh and clean. The natural colour offers a natural look without the 

heaviness of a traditional lip colour. 

Achieve a smooth, glossy finish with this moisturising formula that 

leaves lips feeling soft and supple. It is paraben free and suitable for 

sensitive skin. This product is available in a variety of flattering shades 

so you can choose the perfect one for you! 

This product is free from harmful chemicals that can cause skin 

irritation, so you can rest assured it will not cause any irritation to your skin. 

CMAADU GLITTER LIP GLOSS is available in a wide range of 

vibrant shades and flashy looks, this liquid lipstick is a one-stop-shop 

for your daily makeup needs. Matte and long-wear formula, you can 

now achieve a perfectly polished look for any occasion. 

This lipstick is paraben-free and designed to look just as good on the 

lips as it does on the eyes. 

This waterproof liquid lipstick is long-lasting, plus it is designed to dry 

instantly, so you can be sure the colour won’t smudge or transfer. 


summer like sweet and juicy peaches, a refreshing, tasty treat that’s 

also a staple in a woman’s beauty routine. This balm provides 

nourishing moisture to keep lips soft and smooth, so you can feel 

confident and beautiful all year round. 

This convenient and versatile balm goes on clear and dries quickly to 

leave lips feeling soft and smooth. It’s formulated with vitamin E to 

nourish and protect lips. With a refreshing and fruity scent, this lip 

balm is sure to get noticed. A deep, rich peach colour is the perfect 

way to compliment any outfit, whether it’s casual or formal. 

This lip balm is formulated with natural vitamin E and collagen to nourish and protect lips, while providing soothing moisture.

BEAUTY LIP BALM “Our Special offer this AUTUMN!” 

WATERFALL TOWER BURNER – These handmade backflow incense burners are made from high-quality clay, which is handmade to create a unique and beautiful design. Lightweight and durable, this incense burner can be used as a meditation/sleeping incense burner as well as a backflow incense burner. 

The incense burner is decorated with a fascinating waterfall design, which is a symbol of good fortune. The incense burner is suitable for any occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties, or any other special event or simply as a decoration. 

www.beautylipbalm.com – Founder, Amiela Mirreh

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