I Never Feel Clean After Sex

I Never Feel Clean After Sex

Dear Martina,
After I have sex with my husband I want to have a bath almost straightaway. I just don’t feel very clean. We’re trying for a baby at the minute and I’m supposed to wait until the sperm’s had a chance to work but it’s driving me insane. I’m pretty sure my husband’s sick of it too. Am I normal?

Dear Stinky

Many women feel like this after sex when a condom isn’t used as the combined fluids from both men and women mix to make quite a smell. This scent is actually nature’s way of putting off other men, as it signifies you’ve already been ‘taken”. Although this may have been handy in the Stone Age, when Neanderthal brains meant we’d forget if we’d had a bit or not, today there’s not a lot of use for it at all.

So it’s natural to want to wash and to return your bits back to their odour free state but immediately afterwards won’t do much for your baby making marathon. You can of course wipe off any excess on the outside with a non-perfumed wipe and then put on fresh cotton underwear. You don’t have to wait long, just an hour should do it and once you have the bouncing baby it will all be worthwhile.

Kristina Shafarenko

Kristina Shafarenko is a relationship and health and wellness psychologist and a part-time freelance lifestyle writer covering health and fitness, sex, sexual wellness, and relationships. When she's not writing, you can find her planning her next getaway, taste-testing every coffee spot in sight, and lounging at home with her cat, Buddy.

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