I Wee When I Orgasm

I Wee When I Orgasm

Dear Martina
I’ve got a new boyfriend but I’m terrified of oral sex with him as I wee a little bit when I cum. My last boyfriend was ok with this but it’s really embarrassing and I just can’t relax. What do I do?

Dear Pissy Pants
Are you sure it’s wee? There’s a lot of fluid that knocks about once you become aroused. Even if it is it’s quite natural (although not often talked about), and some even encourage it as it’s a huge turn on for a small percentage of people. Have a drink, get a bit tiddly and confess. Just tell him you get so excited that you think you wee a tiny bit. He’ll probably enjoy the extra lubrication, and if he doesn’t want his head down there when you climax, make sure he learns to finish you off in other ways.

You might also want to see if pelvic floor exercises will help a little.

Marie Salbuvik

MS, Lund University, Sweden

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