If you are looking to add 10-15 years of living consider loading your diet with1-min

If you are looking to add 10-15 years of living, consider loading your diet with;

Prebiotics and probiotics

A healthy digestive system strengthens your immunity, boosts mood, and promotes healthy aging. Probiotics regulate the gut microbiome, whereas prebiotics help sustain probiotics.

B vitamins

B vitamins include B9, B12, and B6. They reduce the risk of heart diseases, boost brain function, and lower the aging process. Therefore, get a supplement with B vitamins and load meals with foods like legumes, eggs, and liver.

Coenzyme Q10

Some age-related conditions, including statin use and oxidative stress, can reduce CoQ10 in body organs. This causes improper blood sugar regulation that results in cardiovascular and neurogenerative conditions. That is why supplementing with CoQ10 increases longevity. I also recommend eating broccoli, spinach, and organ meats to boost your CoQ10.

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