Ignite CBD is one of the most popular online CBD brands and was started in 2018 by Dan Bilzerian. It trades in many CBD products, including USB chargers, rechargeable vape pens pods, disposable vape pens, toothpicks, tinctures, and other products. Most of the items are grouped into three subcategories for lucid, calm, and recharge for focus, relaxation, and energy boost, respectively. Despite having a high price point and being in its infancy, the CEO does wonderful marketing, which is why the brand has stayed ahead of the rest in the market. Many clients enjoy the sleek, black box used for packaging products, making the entire unpacking process fun. To extract the cannabinoids from the hemp fibers, the facility uses short path distillation followed by recrystallization, two processes that are considered ideal for featuring additional solvents. Still, the company has not done well when it comes to third-party testing and CoA issuance.

About the Company

Ignite was founded in 2018 by Dan Bilzerian, a renowned social media personality. It has been in operation for only three years, but because of the CEO’s strategic marketing skills, it has risen to the top and was even declared by High Times to be producing some of the best vape pens in the market. Besides, it has an above-average score (7/10) for transparency, accuracy, and reputation. Its official website provides comprehensive information about CBD, orders, available items on stock, and support. Moreover, the page provides the biographies and experience of the company’s entire, which is a good leadership indication.

Furthermore, through its product labels and the website, Ignite CBD provides extensive information about a product, including the extraction methods, consumption techniques, the CBD amount per serving, and the instructions for use. Sadly, though, sometimes the dosage information on the label conflicts with what’s on the website, and many clients have been left confused because of this. For instance, we noted that with the disposable vape pods. In addition, our review found instances of contrasting information between what the certificate of analysis indicates and the marketed strength of particular items, as seen in a selected case where the CoA and marketed strength value for a product were 188.9 mg and 150 mg, respectively. The brand also has failed to provide clients with easily accessible third-party lab results and reports.

The cumulative results of the Ignite strategic marketing methods have raised the transparency, accuracy, and reputation scores. The three factors had an overall rating of 4/10. However, Ignite did exceptionally well when it came to marketing and scored 10/10, ultimately raising the sub rating to 7/10. Over the three years of operation, the company has realized profits and recognition, including recognition by High Times as a brand that produces the best vape pens. High Times is a popular organization that examines hemp cultivation and processing, as well as the resultant products.


The following are the specific characteristics of Ignite CBD products;

  • Product prices range between $3 and $65
  • There is no money-back program, meaning that clients cannot return items if they are not satisfied with them and get a refund.
  • There are no special programs that provide discounts for people with suboptimal financial situations or the military veteran community.
  • The hemp used in the facilities is USA-sourced.
  • The extract types featured are entirely isolates.
  • The average price point is $0.02 – $0.25/mg CBD.
  • Worldwide shipping is available from the USA.
  • The isolates featured include creams, tinctures & drops, vapes, and gummies.
  • The company guarantees taste in its edible items.

Manufacturing Process

Ignite CBD does not have a separate section that discusses its manufacturing process, but you can find the data in the FAQ section. The brand uses USA-grown hemp, specifically sourced from the Pacific Northwest farms. However, we could not tell whether the farm and the growing practices adhere to the USDA and GMP requirements. Ignite CBD employs short path distillation and recrystallization to obtain CBD isolates with 0% THC. During short path distillation, the fibers are slowly heated to separate the isolate from the rest of the substances, and the process is complete without adding extra solvents.

Following the extraction, the isolates go through third-party testing by Evio Laboratories, ISO 17025-certified facilities. This Iso certification ensures that analyses are accurate and precise, and any ISO 17025-certified facility is highly esteemed. After lab tests, companies need to provide a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for products online, but Ignite CBD does not do so, nor does it ship them alongside ordered goods. When we ordered a CoA for a particular product, what we received was general and not for the particular batch number.

Ignite deals in CBD vape pens and cartridges, toothpicks, and tinctures, which have the Lucid, Calm, and Recharge subclasses that, despite being claimed to help people attain particular effects, have not been FDA-certified or third-party-tested. For instance, the Lucid subcategory is claimed to help people focus and comes in different flavors, including cinnamon, spearmint, menthol, apple berry, and blood orange. Meanwhile, the Recharge line deals in products that ‘boost’ people after a long day of hard work and features passionfruit, tangerine, and tropical fruit flavors, while the Calm products supposedly help people relax and include the pink chill, lemongrass, and lavender flavors.

Customer & Buying Experience

From our experience with Ignite CBD website, we can say that the customer and buying experiences are superb. The site is easy-to-navigate, and a simple click gives you an idea of what to do. You can buy products based on actual items, for instance, CBD oral drops, or follow the groupings of Lucid, Calm, and Recharge subcategories based on special effects and represent focus & concentration, relaxation, and a boost after a long day.

Moreover, the purchasing process was a walk in the park, and delivery took 2-4 days (for standard shipping at $8.61) or 4-7 days for economy shipping ($4.01). However, for any purchases above $100, clients are offered free economy shipping (4-7 days). After ordering an item, the company brand uses AgeChecker.com to confirm whether the client is within the legal age and is eligible for using CBD products. Ignite CBD uses sleek, black packaging materials for their products, and upon opening the box, you find black tissue paper surrounding the product. A person feels the warmth and joy of buying high-quality products from a premium brand through the unpacking process. Admittedly, the strategic marketing tips are part of the top secrets that have kept the brand ahead of the rest.

Range of Products

Ignite CBD brand has a fairly narrow product range, including the following;

Ignite CBD Tinctures

Ignite CBD Tinctures

The CBD tinctures compose a large percentage of Ignite CBD brand’s products and feature full-spectrum tinctures with a 1000 mg/ 30 ml potency. The packaging costs $64.99, meaning that each CBD mg goes for approximately $0.06. The tinctures come in different packages with varied CBD contents, including 350 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1200 mg, and can be enjoyed in unflavored or lavender, blood orange, or tropical fruit flavors.

Ignite CBD Toothpicks

Ignite CBD Toothpicks
Ignite Launches Innovative CBD-Infused Toothpicks, Amplifying the Return of a Long-Standing Mouth Accessory Trend

Ignite CBD also deals in toothpicks packaged in groups of ten (250 mg packages), with each having 25 mg CBD content. There are different flavors of the toothpicks, including passion fruit, lemongrass, mango mint, cinnamon, menthol, and coffee, all of which have unique tastes that you will definitely enjoy.

Ignite CBD Pods for Rechargeable Vape Pens

Ignite CBD Pods for Rechargeable Vape Pens

If you use a rechargeable vape pen, Ignite CBD got you covered and will offer you the best pods for your vape pens that come in tropical fruit or blood orange flavors. Each package contains 150 mg CBD and costs $19.99, meaning that the price point is $0.13/ mg CBD. In addition, if you need special effects, you could try the Apple Berry CBD Pod (Lucid subcategory for focus and concentration) or the Pink Chill Disposable Vape Pen (Calm for relaxation). They contain 250 mg and 300 mg CBD, respectively, and cost $24.55 and $12.27.

Ignite Disposable Vape Pens

Ignite Disposable Vape Pens

You can also source your vape pens from Ignite CBD brand that sells 250 mg CBD vape pens for $44.99 (approximately $0.18 /mg. The vape pens feature different flavors, including pink chill, blood orange, apple berry, spearmint, tangerine, lavender, and tropical fruit.

Ignite CBD Accessories

Ignite CBD Accessories

Despite the products discussed above, Ignite CBD sells CBD accessories, including USB vape chargers and rechargeable vape pens at $14.99 and $39.99, respectively.

What We Like About the Company

  • High-quality packaging and delivery of products, a fact many clients and we really appreciate.
  • High-end, trendy brand marketing; Dan Bilzerian, the company’s CEO and founder, does a good job marketing the Ignite CBD products, hence the popularity the company has gained within its 3 years of existence.
  • A wonderful leadership stance; the brand’s official page gives details about the entire team, including the biographies and experiences of the team members.
  • An expansive FAQ section; on the company’s page, commonly asked questions about support, CBD use and benefits, orders, and discounts are addressed.
  • There is no solvent addition during extraction; Ignite CBD’s extraction methods (short path distillation and recrystallization) are deemed safe because they do not feature extra solvents.
  • Special discounts; you can become eligible for discounts by signing up for the Ignite emailing list or being a returning client, and you could earn as much as 10-15% off.
  • A wonderful VIP program; that allows clients to accumulate points by reviewing and buying products, creating an account, or following Ignite across social media platforms.

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Here are a few things we did not appreciate about Ignite CBD brand;

  • There is no money-back guarantee; suggesting that should a client find dissatisfaction with a product, he cannot claim a refund.
  • There is no proof for GMP certification; we did not find information about whether Ignite hemp farms and growing practices comply with USDA or GMP requirements.
  • Conflicting dosage information; we realized that some items had contrasting dosage information, especially between what the website and the product labels indicated.
  • Missing Certificate of Analysis for some products; Ignite’s official website did not have the certificate of analysis for some items, nor is the certificate shipped with the products.
  • There are notable variations between information on the Certificate of Analysis and the marketed strength; we realized significant discrepancies between the marketed strength of products and the information indicated in the certificates.

Ignite CBD Bundles

The CBD brand offers clients bundles when they focus on buying products across the lucid, calm, and recharge product subcategories. For instance, the two-pack disposable vape pens bundle includes two pens, the pink chill and blood orange flavors from calm and lucid lines. Besides, the two-pack tincture bundles contain the tropical fruit and blood orange flavors from the recharge and lucid subcategory product lines. Moreover, the company offers a starter kit as a bundle that contains a USB charger, a rechargeable vape pen, and flavored CBD. The two-packs and the kit come at 10% off the typical retail price. In addition, returning clients get discounts for purchases, and those who have signed up for the Ignite mailing list can get 15% off the standard retail price. The best of the company’s discount program is probably the VIP program that allows clients to accumulate points by buying or reviewing products, creating an account, or following the brand across its social media platforms. These points can then be redeemed and amount to $10, $15, and $20 off the purchases. Clients appreciate this arrangement because they easily accumulate points through the various ways explained.

Our Verdict

After thoroughly reviewing Ignite CBD, we concluded that the company matches other CBD brands in size, quality, quantity, and competitive prices (its average price points are $0.06/ mg and $0.09/mg for tinctures other products, respectively). It has a good market reputation and has received recognition from renowned US bodies, although it was only started in 2018 by social media personality Dan Bilzerian, its CEO. Still, it fell short on THC and CBD accuracy, as well as third-party testing, but did extremely well in marketing, ultimately taking care of the poorly performed areas. Its product range features CBD tinctures, disposable vape pens, toothpicks, pods for rechargeable vape pens, and accessories.

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