Our body is full of bacteria, but we have to understand that not all bacteria are bad. There are also plenty of bacteria that our bodies need for survival.Probiotic is one of such bacteria and can be foundin fermented food such as sauerkraut and yogurt.

Probiotics arebacteria that help in breaking down the food into soluble digestive substances. They are also helpful in promoting the health of our immune system. Apart from being found in fermented food, probiotics can be taken as a supplement. People usually take probiotics to replenish the gut with good bacteria. Besides their usefulness in gut health, probiotics can also help in the weight loss journey.Therefore, here are the main functions of these vital bacteria in our bodies:

Gut Bacteria Promotes Weight Loss in the Following Ways

The gut has various bacteria which take part in the microbiome. It also determines the overall health of the immune system by checking on the passage of harmful substances. As such, there are over 100 trillionmicrobes’ collections in the gut. These bacteria combine effort to help our bodies in the following ways,

  • Breaking down the nutrients.
  • Breaking down medication.
  • Offering protection against diseases.
  • Promoting a healthy gut.
  • Helping in promoting a healthy immune system.

Symbiosis usually happens when gut bacteria is unbalanced. This may result in digestive problems such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, brain disorders, and allergies.

However, how bacteria take part in weight loss still needs some more research to be clarified. For example, arecent study conducted on a set of twins who were obese showed that they had fewer gut bacteria.

Also, another study was carried out, and it was confirmed that other bacteria strains might reduce the rate at which you gain weight. Some strains may lead to a reduction in waist size, while others help in general weight loss.Additionally, other studies have shown exactly how bacteria is connected to weight loss. Many scientists agree that bacteria help with metabolism in the following ways:

  • They help in making vitamin K.
  • Magnesium absorption.
  • Making vitamin B9 (also known as folate).
  • Making vitamin B12.
  • They also help in making vitamin B7 (known as biotin).
  • Absorption of iron.
  • Fermenting fiber.
  • Calcium absorption.

Anotherstudy conducted on animals showed that short-chain fatty acid enhances how the body uses energy efficiently. They might also make animals feel full for a long time and suppress appetite.This limits their food consumption which leads to weight loss.However, more research is needed to know if this is effective too for human beings.

Probiotic Helps with Losing Weight in the Following Ways

Good bacteria in the body assist in the faster breaking down of food during digestion. The food is broken down into small soluble particles for easy absorption hence providing your body with energy. Though, there is no clear evidence that supportshow taking food or supplements with probiotics will help you lose weight. However, below is some finding that will help you understand how probiotic helps in losing weight.

Wrappingvisceral fataround the organ affectsthe effectiveness of the hormones. This is the best remedy for people with obesity. It alsocauses insulin resistance, thus preventing type 2 diabetes.

As per the clinical test carried out, it was found that people having large visceral fat can lose the fat after taking probiotics. The probiotic should have milkcontent fermented like three months ago. The dosage should also be200grams daily.

Another study basing on specific probiotics, however, had a different finding. This is because there some probiotic that helps in weight loss while others don’t. As such, the overall result of probiotics on weight loss depends on the following factors.

  • Age.
  • Dosage.
  • Probiotic.
  • The initial body weight.
  • The duration of taking the probiotics.

The Risk Factors of Weight Loss Probiotics

Although probiotics tend to be safer, it isadvisable to be cautious and consult your physician before settling for them. This is because bacteria are associated with various risks to the body. Such risks include:

Their Quality

Unlike medicine, probiotics do not go through thorough testing. This is because they are supplements or food products;hence, you shouldbe keen when it comes totheirquality. Because probiotics havea few regulations, it is difficult to tell the exact thing you are getting. Besides, you won’t know if the product has sufficient bacteria to impact your body. It has been reported that the products have different strains other than the listed ones. Remember,probiotics are living bacteria, so they are not stored properly, or if they arenot made under hygienic standards, theymay be harmful, especially when nearing the expiring date. Therefore, they won’t survive for so longor become helplessto your gut health.

Different Strains.

Quite often,aprobiotic supplement has different strains. As stated earlier, more studies are needed to clarifywhich probiotic is effective on weight loss. Therefore, when buying probiotics specifically for weight loss, consider their available strains.

Problems with The Immune System

People with weak immune systems or even severe disorders may fall sick on taking probiotics. In case you are under medication, avoid taking probiotics because medicines suppress the immune system. Consider talking to your doctor before you start taking probiotics.

The Bottom Line

Probiotics are very important to our bodies. You can take them as supplements or even in fermented foods such as includes yogurt and sauerkraut. Most people know probiotics for strengthening the immune system and promoting gut health. They also help in breaking down food into small soluble digestive substances.

Recently, it was found that probiotics help in weight loss and preventing type 2 diabetes. This can be achieved by wrapping visceral fat around the organ, which might affect the effectiveness of the hormones. It also causes insulin resistance in obese people, thus helping them to lose weight naturally.

To get better results from using probiotics, consider purchasinghigh-quality supplements and checking the strains. You should also remember that the effectiveness of probiotics is determined by several factors, including the duration you take the supplement, the dosage, and your initial weight.


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