Impotence: How To Deal With It

Impotence: How To Deal With It

It goes without saying: a man’s sense of self-worth is irrevocably tied up with his sense of virility. To feel like an underperformer in the bedroom is a massive knock to his ego, making the afflictions of impotence and erectile dysfunction the bane of any man’s happiness.

For most men, there is no more awful curse to endure, but it is not a burden they necessarily have to bear alone. The women who love and care for the men suffering from impotence can in fact, do much to help. Though there are known medical treatments for remedying impotence, but psychological means can be equally important.

Communication is vital as many men who experience erectile dysfunction will clam up, assuming they have disappointed their lover and earned their scorn. They may pretend that it doesn’t exist and try to continue as normal, but should the problem recur it only serves to frustrate them further. The problem cannot be ignored, nor can it be blown out of proportion. The key is in acknowledging its presence, but reassuring your man that you still adore him and that this little bodily inconvenience doesn’t stop you from wanting his body.

A lover’s reassurance that they think no less of him for his problem is vital in preserving his sense of self-worth. Because of this, sharing your feelings and allowing your man to share his is especially important. If he blames himself for the condition or assumes that you consider him worthless as a lover, his performance will only suffer further – and, because erectile dysfunction can impact on a man beyond the bedroom, this can be a debilitating lifestyle factor. Providing support for him can and will go beyond simply consoling him after a failed attempt, but actually encouraging him to express his emotions outside of the bedroom.

That being said, lust is also an important factor. With the ego-crushing effect that impotence can have on a man, confidence in his abilities as a lover is very important, and this is the area in which his lover can make the greatest difference. The ego is tied up with the mating drive, with men who think themselves virile behaving as such. If you make him feel like the moans issuing from your lips are as a result of his manly prowess, it will be a fantastic ego boost. You can also find out more about his favourite fantasies and try to work them into your sex life. The mind is after all, the primary sex organ, so restoring confidence and creating exciting scenarios goes a long way to helping him keep it up.

At the end of the day, as debilitating as impotence can feel for a man, it can be remedied through their lover’s care and affections and medical attention if required, restoring to him what he fears he has lost, and promoting a healthy, sexy love life.

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