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Incredible Benefits of Drinking Enough Water


Drinking water is just as important as nutrients in your body. As you lose water through breathing, stool, urine, evaporation, and other processes, you need to take enough water to balance your water input to the output.

They say ‘water is life’ and for every good reason. That’s why you will see people carrying bottles filled with drinking water everywhere they go. While the old suggestion about drinking eight glasses of water may not appeal to you, you probably agree that old is gold and that drinking water is critical for your health. To drink enough water, view it as one of the nutrients your body needs and you will find yourself drinking it. Here are the incredible health benefits of drinking enough water.

i.                    Drinking enough water makes you optimize your performance

Drinking enough is one significant way that cannot be substituted with anything. Even if you were to have the right nutrition and even include creatine and other supplements but not take enough drinking water, your physical performance. Yes, that’s just how much optimal hydration is key to your wellbeing and optimum performance. The body is so sensitive to water loss and even as little as 2% water loss will not go unnoticed. That’s when people feel that they have lost their motivation and are abnormally tired. Yet, athletes lose as much as 6-10% through sweat only during exercise. That’s why drinking enough water and getting hydrated is critical for them. One of the reasons people feel fatigued during workouts is oxidative stress which builds up when free radicals are generated due to metabolism and accumulate in the body. Drinking enough helps remedy hydration.

ii.                 Saliva creation

Though this may seem rather trivial, it is one of the main reasons why you need to drink enough water. Saliva is made up of water, mucus, electrolytes, and enzymes. Although the fluids and foods you take are enough for saliva generation, water plays a major role, which is why you need to drink it. Remember, saliva helps in digestion and moistens your mouth, keeping you healthy. Considering how detrimental it can get when your mouth and lips dry due to little saliva will make you take enough water.

iii.               Good for your brain function and energy levels

Just like enough drinking water means a lot for optimum performance, so does it for your brain functionality and the build-up of energy levels. One study showed that 1.4% and 1.6% of water loss in women and men, respectively affected their energy levels and brain functionality. In fact, the study showed that the moods, memory, concentration, and social interactiveness of people were affected with just 1.5-2% water loss. This explains why doctors recommend drinking enough water as one of the therapies for people with cognitive decline and the old fellows who have a problem with memory.

iv.               Maintenance of body fluid functionalities

The human body comprises 60% water and hundreds of physiological processes rely on body fluids. Maintenance of body temperature, transportation of nutrients, blood flow to all parts of the body, saliva creation, and digestion are just but a few of the processes that depend on water. The implication is that without water, all these processes would not happen. That’s why your fever can rise in a matter of minutes following water loss.

v.                  Offers protection for the spinal cord, joints, muscles, and body tissues

The spinal cord, organ tissues, muscles, and joints are all filled with fluids primarily made from water. This means that water is important for their functionality and cushioning. People who suffer from different forms of arthritis such as gait and osteoporosis happen to lack enough water. To ensure that the spinal cord, tissues, muscles, and joints are protected, you need to keep yourself hydrated. This will also boost your physical performance as your flexibility will be increased.

vi.               Relieve you of headache

Headache is a common problem that affects people. Its causes are varied and range from stress to mental and physical overload. Dehydration is another common cause of headaches that can escalate from mild to severe. Taking enough drinking water is a good way of relieving you of headaches and lowering the frequencies of such headaches. In one study with about 369 individuals, 40% suffered from dehydration-induced headaches. However, after hydrating themselves, the headaches disappeared.

vii.             Can aid in your weight loss quest

Since the quest for weight loss is stronger today than ever and you may find yourself trapped in it (which is not bad), you certainly want to take enough drinking water to make it happen. Weight loss becomes successful as you shake off extra calories. While taking water may not help cut off calories, it surely controls them. How so? Instead of taking high-calorie drinks, why not take water and continue feeling full? Alternatively, you can focus on water-filled foods that although may appear voluminous, are quite effective for a calorie cut-off. Digesting them takes time, which is why you are left feeling full for long. And with such a feeling of satiety, the craving for more food is reduced as well as calorie intake, making weight loss even more possible.

viii.          Good for your skin glow

Dry skin is a worldwide concern, and people are willing to do all it takes to remedy it. One way of keeping your skin moistened and glowing is by taking enough water. While drinking water may not get rid of the age-related wrinkles, hydration certainly helps the skin look better. Remember, the skin relies on water for its well-being, and as you take water, you rejuvenate the skin, helping it look better and glow.

ix.                May leverage constipation

Although fiber is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about constipation and its remedy, drinking enough water will also help you manage and improve constipation. The irregular bowel movements will normalize and the stool will no longer be hard as long as you take enough water and fibers.


While taking eight glasses of water per day may seem just too much for you it goes without a say that drinking enough water is critical for the well-being of your body. This helps relieve constipation and headaches. Muscles also relax with enough water intake, which maximizes physical exercise. As if that’s not enough, drinking enough water is needed for energy levels and brain function.

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