Chia seeds are common in most dishes.Using them in your meals make your food yummy by introducing a mild and nutty flavoralong with some crunchiness. In addition to theirsweet flavor, they’ll offer you health benefits such as a better digestive system, help you withweight loss, and assist you in managing different diseases.

In the early existence of chia seeds, they were mainly used for medicinal purposes such as healing fever and inflammation. Over time, chia seeds became more popular but not fortreatment. They found their way in recipes, and theireffect on different meals led to their present popularity in most restaurants and homes. If you’re interested to know how you can enjoy your chia seeds, this is how you can add these seeds to your diet.

Make a unique smoothie

Having chia seeds in your smoothie will raise the nutritional value and offer you additional health benefits. If you want a thick smoothie that’ll give you the best experience, here is how you’ll make it. First, you’ll need 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, a single frozen banana, 1 handful of spinach, 1 cup of almond milk, and 2 tablespoons of cacao powder. Once all these ingredients are ready, combine them, add ice, and put them in a blender. Let it mix for 1 minute as you look at the consistency, and if its thickness is not appealing to you, add more liquid. Blend it for about 20 seconds, and your smoothie will be ready to make youhappy with its great taste.

Tea it up

Tea lovers should try this out. Instead of having plain tea, add chia seeds to create a new texture accompanied by health benefits. Ensure you get the proportion right to avoid overfilling your teawith seeds because doing so maylead to discomfort in your digestive system.

Refresh your icecream

Ice creams are the best during summer days and can serve as a great treat at any time of the day. As much as most individuals would wish to have itfrequently, its high content in heavy fats and refined sugars make it a big No for many. Quick substitution of ingredients can help you make an ice cream a healthy dessert that you can snack on regularly without affecting your health. Instead of buying in supermarkets, make it at home by combining chia seeds, fruits, and coconut milk. Afterward, blend and place the mixture in anice pop tray to freeze it. You’ll enjoy every dose of your homemade ice pop as you benefit from the nutrients and vitamins you’ll receive from your cold, refreshing ice cream.

Make your meat and fish tastier

Get out of the ordinary with your cooking in stews. Instead of using white flours that are starchy and unhealthy, use almond milk and 1 tablespoon of chia seed to create a fat-loss crust. You’re allowed to add your favorite spicesto boost the flavors and upgrade the nutrients count. You can also useturmeric and garlic to reduce the risks of heart diseases. To ensure you don’t lose any nutrients, bake your food. Frying will use more fats which will prevent you from achieving a healthy fat-free meal.

Make a healthyjam

Processed jams are filled with unhealthy fats and other unknown ingredients. You can create your healthier version yet give you an awesome flavor. Combine any fruit with chia seeds to form a blasting jam. Chia seeds can easily turn any liquid into a jelly-like substance. You’ll effortlessly mix your favorite fruit juice with chia seeds, and you won’t need any other unnecessary additive. A single tablespoon of chia seeds and a cup of mixed fruits is enough.

Be creative withyour yogurt

Make your breakfast more filling by adding chia seeds to your morning routine. Add them to your greek yogurt or oatmeal to make these smooth texturesmore energizing. Say goodbye to flavored oatmeals and yogurt, which do nothing butharm your health. By using chia seeds as a substitution, you’ll enjoy some deliciousness, and you can add spices like cinnamon to make it tastier.

Replacejuice box with chia seed juices

One of the greatest ways we expose our kids to unhealthy stuff is through juice boxes and packaged bites with high content of sugars and fructose syrups. It’s almost impossible to avoid juice boxes. Still, you can limit the intake of unhealthy sugars by using healthier juice options that contain chia seeds, such as Mamma Chia squeeze.

What are other ways of eating chia seeds?

  • Complement your salad dressing with chia seeds
  • Add them to your baked foods like bread and cakes
  • Combine with other grains like quinoa to create a super nutritionalmeal
  • Use themto thicken soup
  • Use them to replaceeggs in recipes
  • Create a homemade energy gel
  • Add chia seeds to your dip
  • Use them on your tortillas
  • Introduce in your homemade lemonade

What’s the importance of adding chia seeds to other meals?

Chia seed is more than a flavor booster. Eating it in different meals makes your body obtain high amounts of it. Thistype of seed hasessential minerals and vitamins which will benefit you in many ways. Some of the main vitamins include;Vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A and minerals likepotassium, calcium, and phosphorus. More so, it’s a rich source of proteins, omega 3 fatty acid, and antioxidants like caffeic acid, quercetin, chlorogenic acid, myricetin, and kaempferol. These compounds improve heart healthand give you antiaging and anticarcinogenic benefits. You’ll also be protected from hypertension, depression, and other diseases.

Are there any risks of consuming too much chia seeds?

Although chia seeds are nutritious, you may have to mind your portion size if you don’t want to gain extra pounds. You’ll stay safe and maintain your normal weight if you take the recommended amount, which is 1 tbsp whichcontains only 69 calories. Also, be prepared for digestive issues because of extreme fiber content in chia seeds, but not everyone will experience these effects. It depends on your system’s sensitivity.


Chia seeds are tasty ingredients, and their flexibility makes them a great substitution for any meal. You can use these seeds in your foods and recipes to increase fiber, antioxidants, and protein intake. Try any of the choices highlighted above if you wish to include chia seeds in your diet. You can buy chia seeds in any local grocery store, either in the baking aisle or a section forpackaged superfoods.

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