Introduction to Anal Sex

Introduction to Anal Sex

Anal sex is the most notorious “mainstream” sex act you’ve read about, and there’s no question that just the mention of “anal” gets a big reaction. Some people are instantly offended by the implication while others are instantly turned on by the very naughty idea. Why is anal sex such a fascination? Is it a safe sex act? How does one go about experimenting?

Let’s first review the psychological aspects of anal sex. Anal sex has been glorified in erotica and pornography for quite some time, so it does have a certain taboo attraction. Try to guess what the most sensitive erogenous zone in your body is? No, it’s not the ass, if that’s what you’re thinking! It’s actually the brain. So the very idea of having anal sex, a very taboo sex act usually associated with highly sexualized entertainment, can be a turn on for many lovers.

Physically speaking, there is no guarantee that a person can have an anal orgasm, though plenty of men and women admit to being highly aroused by anal penetration. There are theories to consider. For the female body, there is some speculation that anal sex stimulates the posterior fornix or the recto-uterine pouch, or a combination of both. For the male body, anal penetration would stimulate the male prostate gland, best reached through the rectum. This is a far likelier possibility for men than women, since a man’s prostate is always involved in the sexual response cycle including ejaculation. Anal sex is a personal choice and should not be considered strictly gay or “dirty” when compared to vaginal sex. Some people enjoy anal sex for both the mental and physical stimulation they receive.

Take Care First Timers!

Anal sex must be approached cautiously due to the high risk of painful penetration and interior damage. (And other conditions you don’t even want to think about). Anal sex is completely safe, provided you approach it gently and with lots of lubricant. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating. Without wetness, intercourse is painful. Worse yet, rough thrusting can result in damage to the interior anal cavities.

You will notice that practically all anal sex toys have a “finger loop” or something to hold onto. This is important, because if you don’t have this feature, a small toy can easily get lost in the anal cavity as it travels upward. When it comes to hygiene, it’s best to wash the interior of your buttocks and entry point to the anus before sticking anything up there. (And remember to clean your toy well after you’re done!) The anal douche pump device is popular because it makes cleaning the anus very easy—just a squirt away from cleanliness. It’s best to wait an hour after douching before enjoying anal penetration.

There’s No Rush

Do not try any porn moves at home; don’t do the old trade up of anal to vaginal thrusting and back again, because this is a sure way to develop or give a bacterial infection. Wear a condom for everyone’s protection. Needless to say, no one likes an “anal surprise”, so talk things over with your partner well before foreplay begins. Both partners should be educated on how to have anal sex so that no one is accidentally hurt.

Remember also that even if you don’t enjoy the idea of anal penetration, you can experiment with anal stimulation using a tickler device or a vibrator pressed against a lover’s anus. Anal sex is not for everyone, but for individuals or couples that like to experiment there is nothing to be afraid of, provided you follow the safety guidelines.

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