Irwin Naturals Product Review

Irwin Naturals Product Review


Although most CBD companies have set their different missions, most of them do not work towards them. On the contrary, Irwin Naturals are committed to ensuring their mission is attained. According to its website, its mission is to develop the best quality supplement products at affordable prices, bioavailability, focus on superior potency and absorption. We will help you understand relevant information about the company, its operations and the products its manufactures.

About The Company

As mentioned earlier, the brand is committed to ensuring it provides quality at all times at affordable rates. Unlike most recently established brands, the company has been in the play since 1994. Irwin has been considered among the biggest herbal supplement trademarks across theUSA for a long time. However, its capsules are popular among its products, rich in herbal ingredients such as turmeric, Ginko, Rhodiola, L-theanine, and other significant vitamins.

Consequently, unlike other times, the company has revised its prices and offeredits customers low prices. They are also recently started to manufacture full-spectrum CBD oil, softgel capsules, skincare products, balms and even CBD-instilled foods and beverages. Besides, although the company’s leaders name has been in the dark for quite sometime, he recently appeared in a biopic”CBD Nation” and explained the technicalities and positive impacts he faced over time since he founded the company in 1994. It was then that the world realised that Klee Irwin was the founder of the company.

According to Klee Irwin, CBD enhanced him to improved his disposition and made him calmer. To help others attain similar feelings, he established a CBD company and sold his products to customers at considerable rates. Although his mission sounds exemplary, Irwin Naturals requires to improve its transparency levels before its reputation is tarnished within the CBD market.

Although the company claims to derive its hemp within US borders, it has not provided more information about it. Besides that, the company also doesn’t give enough information on third-party tests carried on their products. Providing such information gives consumers confidence since they can tress on the quality of their products.

For those who have any concerns or inquiries to carry on the brands’ products, the company offers a working email and phone number; [email protected] and 1-888-223-1548, respectively. To check on the reliability of their support team, we sent them an email to check on the third party test on the products we had ordered and ask whether they ship their products internationally; our email was responded to after two days which was quite unfortunate. Our concern on whether the company exports its products internationally was answered adequately. On the other hand, we were told to check on the company’s website to find more details about the third party results we asked for. Although we checked and got the results, we couldn’t verify them.

The company has been holding a poor reputation for its transparency. We also raised our eyebrows when we couldn’t find reviews for Irwin Naturals CBD products on its website. Providing a review page helps customers and the company understand how the product is performing in the market. According to Trustpilot,an independent review website, many reviews are for non-CBD products.

Lastly, the company offers free shipping for products over $49.95 and $6.95 for products below $4.95 within all 55 states of the US. However, unlike most other companies which offer a 30-days return policy, Irwin provides a return policy of up to a 60-day return guarantee. The fascinating thing about their return policy is that it accepts even opened products but does not pay for shipment.

Manufacturing Process

Although the company does not identify whether its hemp is organically grown and is non-GMO, it states all its products are derived from hemp cultivated in the United States. Additionally, it does not come out clearly in which state of USA it grows its hemp. Notably, it would have helped interested parties and their consumers understand the quality by mentioning; best hemp is grown in Kentucky, Oregon and Colorado. Like most CBD companies, Irwin Naturals uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to extract essential ingredients in the hemp plant. Notably, the company claims to apply the standard gold method of manufacturing whole-plant hemp extracts.

To check on potency levels and levels of presence of contaminants such as bacteria, pesticide, and heavy metals in their products, Irwin has hired an independent third-party laboratory to check all their products. According to tests we conducted, Irwin naturals, unfortunately, does not provide transparent information about their third party tests. Consequently, we confirmed that the company uses full-spectrum hemp extracts instead of pure CBD to manufacture its products.

It is also unfortunate when the company fails to give its customers a way of verifying the third party tests carried on the products. For anyone to confirm the third party tests, they have to have the lot number that comes with the product. We considered this a big takeaway since one cannot verify third-party tests before purchasing a product from the company to confirm the authenticity. Apart from that, the company does not use a third-party lab certified by Certificate of Analysis (CoA), nor has it presented its name for verification like other companies. This brings a lot of doubts to a lot of customers and interested parties.

Range of Products

According to the company’s website, they offer their products in various potencies. They also take pride in offering CBD products that contain only CBD and other essential ingredients that aid in the effectiveness of their products. Consequently, since they have been in play for a long, the company understands the relevance of putting to play several flavours to their advantage to earn more customers in the competitive CBD market. In addition, the company also offers one of the most considerable low prices across the CBD market. To yield quality, the company keeps researching other significant herbs that could be blended in with CBD for faster effectiveness. Some of the products they manufacture include;

Irwin Naturals CBD Oil

Irwin Naturals CBD Oil

According to their website, each gram of Irwin Natural oil goes at $0.04-$0.08. However, it exists in the following flavours; lemon, natural, mint chocolate, peppermint, and tangerine flavour. This product includes tinctures of 30 ml container with multiple strengths: 250 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg, respectively. During our research on the product, we were able to come across the product’s third-party assessment results. However, it has inaccurate results since it indicated 317.4 mg CBD as opposed to 250 mg.

Irwin Naturals CBD Capsules

Irwin Naturals CBD Capsules

Since most people find capsules to be a convenient way of taking your daily CBD at one go, the company used the opportunity and provided the product for its customers. The brand offers them full-spectrum CBD softgels with different strengths: 10 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg, and 50 mg for every capsule. Notably, they are sold in a count of 60 per bottle. For each of their softgels, it contains flaxseed oil together withBioperine and CBD dissolved in MCT. Lastly, their prices range from $0.02-$0.04 for every 5-10 mg of CBD.

Irwin Naturals CBD Vitamins and supplements

Irwin Naturals CBD Vitamins and supplements

The product is sold at $0.04 to $0.11 for every 5-10 m of CBD. However, the company offers essential ingredients to enhance effectiveness, such as herbs, pribotics, vitamins, and minerals. Consequently, softgels are designed to suitspecific purpose; +Power, CBD with L-theanine, melatonin, two more natural compounds to enhance sleep. In all the products manufactured by the company, this is the most competitive products manufactured by the company.

Irwin Naturals CBD Topicals

Irwin Naturals CBD Topicals

For topicals, the company offers full-spectrum creams, balms, gels and roll-ons. However, the company provides numerous strengths as well as formulations with several natural skincare constituents such as aloe vera, elderberry, and beeswax. Irwin Naturals come in multiple varieties; lemongrass, regular, menthol, and arnica. Arnica and menthol play a significant role in relieving pain as ingredients. Across these products, their prices range from  $0.06-$0.14 for various potencies depending on the product in question.

Irwin Naturals love my pet

Love My Pet is a line of pet products manufactured by Irwin Naturals lately. Some of the pet products are offered in biscuits designed for cats and dogs. However, their prices are between $0.08-$0.33. Lastly, the product exists in bacon, salmon, peanut butter, and cranberry flavours.

Apart from the products mentioned above, the company also offers HydroCanna which are for skincare and cosmetics brand, as well as FloChi CBD, which is divided into two lines; edibles and beverages.

What we like about the company

The company stands out for two main things; wide variety of full-spectrum CBD products and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Unlike most CBD companies that offer only one or two full-spectrum CBD products, the company saw the opportunity and diversified this feature across most of its products. We were also really impressed with their return policy. Unlike most companies that mainly offer a 30-day money guarantee on unopened products, Irwin offers a 60-day and accepts opened products that try to cover up their weakness of transparency issues. Lastly, compared to other rates offered by other companies, Irwin offers meagre prices ($0.02-$0.14).

What we don’t like about the company

For an established company such as Irwin, it ought to have addressed minor issues that might affect its growth and overcome the current competitive market of CBD. First, the company does not mention where it gets its hemp as a raw product for consumers to track the safety and quality of products used. Also, the brand has not provided third-party results for consumers to verify before purchasing its products: don’t name the third-party lab conducting the tests. Another minor weakness we witnessedin the company is that its website was not offering customer products review to understand how their brand is performing in the market. This could have also helped the company to carry adjustments in a few areas.


According to our analysis, despite the company being in play for a very long, it has a lot to address. Transparency has become a key foundation of any existing or upcoming CBD company in the competitive CBD market. Consumers are now choosing who is transparent to them to avoid being affected by products manufactured or getting addicted. Although the brand offers the best rates and most of its products in full-spectrum, it has to revise its website and operations to regain consumers trust, especially on their CBD products. Finally, although we would recommend some of their products, consumers should limit their dosage to avoid side effects due to inaccurate results posted at times.

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