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Is After Sun Good for Sunburn?

In my skin health experience, aftersun is good for sunburn. We all agree sunburn leaves your skin dehydrated and sensitive. Aftersun is high in water that cools and hydrates your unhappy skin.

How Often Do You Apply After Sun?

I strongly advise using after sun daily, especially after showering. Daily usage gives you smooth and vibrant skin.

 Can You Put After Sun on Your Face?

Carefully look at the product’s ingredients before using it on your face. Some aftersun lotions come with oils that form an emollient layer on your skin, affecting the skin’s ability to eliminate the heat. As a result, you may feel a burning sensation on your face. That’s not all, trapped heat can trigger inflammation.

Is After Sun Good for Tattoos?

Aftersun is not good for tattoos, especially fresh ones. The lotion harbors chemicals and minerals that may cause pain when in contact with an open wound, including a fresh tattoo.

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