CBD products have become increasingly popular, especially in the United States and the UK. They offer various wellness benefits. Among them, CBD may help combat insomnia. This article explores the effectiveness of CBD in improving sleep compared to melatonin.

Factors Influencing Sleep pattern disorders

Sleep disorders include occasional or full-on insomnia brought about by various factors and irregular sleeping patterns. The common cause of insomnia and irregular sleep patterns are mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Physical health conditions such as chronic pain also disrupt one’s sleep or keep one from falling asleep altogether. Caffeine products disrupt one’s sleep-wake cycle, especially when taken close to bedtime. The irregular sleeping patterns could be due to environmental factors like noise interference or an uncomfortable sleeping environment. CBD potentially enhances one’s sleeping pattern by addressing some of these factors effectively.

CBD and Sleep Enhancement

Acolizzi& Bhattacharyya (2017),  CBD does not contain delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the hemp compound that produces the psychoactive effect of intoxication. One can enjoy the potential sleep enhancement effects of CBD without experiencing unwanted psychedelic effects. Taking CBD for sleep enhancement is easier, as one can pick the method that best suits their daily routine. CBD products are available on online delivery websites and local supplement stores, with some specifically tailored for potential sleep enhancement coming in various flavors. CBD enhances sleep by addressing the various causes of sleep disorders or reducing symptoms of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. William & Nutbrown (2021) stated that moderate doses of CBD help reduce anxiety symptoms, thus helping the mind relax and consequently obtain peaceful sleep. CBD may help improve pain-related sleep disorders by reducing chronic and nerve pain symptoms.

Melatonin and Sleep Enhancement

Melatonin is prompted by darkness and is produced by the brain following an established pattern set habitually by your body clock. Melatonin is generated effectively in a dark environment. Bright light may hinder you from sleeping, as it affects the effective production of this hormone in the brain. It ultimately explains why you sleep better at night with the lights turned off. An imbalance in melatonin generation often causes irregular or disturbed sleeping patterns. alAn individual can remedy it by administering melatonin supplements that correct the imbalance in the brain’s natural hormone production by stimulating even generation and not adding any external components to the body.

CBD vs. Melatonin

Colizzi & Bhattacharyya (2017) explained that CBD improves the sleep experience by addressing various factors that evoke sleep disorders, such as anxiety and physical pain, and by working synergistically with other sleep remedies. Melatonin supplements encourage the balanced production of the natural sleep hormone in the brain. Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone in the human brain. It only needs to be replicated with supplements when there is an imbalance as it is the least cost-demanding option. It also poses no risk of adverse side reactions, unlike CBD, which reacts differently with each user and also, and melatonin cannot react adversely with prescribed medications.


Both CBD and melatonin are sleep enhancement. They help improve sleep with minimum exposure to negative side effects. CBD and melatonin offer a natural, user-friendly option for common sleep disorders. CBD products offer more health benefits than sleep enhancement. Proper dosage and timing of both supplements need to achieve effective results.


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