It's All About The Nipples!

It’s All About The Nipples!

Nipples are quite simply perfect regardless of their shape, size or colouror whether they belong to a man or a woman. There is something so sexy and intimate about seeing another person’s nipples, but these wonderful little peaks aren’t just for admiring from a distance. The nipple is full of nerve endings making them super sensitive to touching, licking, grazing etc. Studies have shown that when the nipples are stimulated it triggers the erotic areas of the brain and that paying attention to the nipples during sex (as well as during foreplay) can lead to more intense orgasms!

Most women don’t like a firm hand when it comes to their nipples or their breasts in general, so guys be gentle! Personally there is nothing more off-putting than when a guy is rough with my breasts and nipples; tugging, biting, twisting and slapping just aren’t acceptable to me, but I know plenty of women who do like a bit of slap and tickle in this area and who are really rather fond of nipple clamps. The key is to start with a gentle touch and increase the pressure over time. If she doesn’t like it she will say. Never push and never force her into trying something she isn’t into. Breasts are super sensitive and should be treated with respect!

As my fiance so eloquently puts it ‘I love nipples because they are attached to boobs’says it all really!

So ladies if you fancy exploring the world of nipple play draw your partner’s attention towards your nipples with these Nipple Stickers, or this clip-on Nipple Shield. If you are feeling a little more adventurous give these Bitchy Butterfly Nipple Clamps a whirl! We also stock this utterly gorgeous Anais Chloe Set; which includes an open cup bra which will really make your nipples the centre of attention!

If you are a little more experienced with nipple play you may like to try these 50g Tweezer Nipple Clamps or these Vibrating Nipple Clamps. There are plenty of nipple-related products to choose from so have a look at what we stock and treat yourself and your nipples!

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