We all have our rock star moments. When that super star mood strikes, the diamond butt plugs will strike just the right notes. Peaches and Screams are back with an updated category of pristinely designed and aesthetically pleasing Jewelled Butt Plugs. You can choose between handcrafted smooth crystal and high- grade aluminum for the perfect feel among several other Jewelled Butt Plugs. This amazing category will hold the attention of every player seeking heavier but glamorous anal pleasure. The Jewelled Butt Plugs for show as well as heightened desire. They spot a gem or a sculpture on the area to be worn outside. Unlike the Beginners Butt Plugs, these are heavier and will adequately meet the demands of the engorged feel. They provide increased pressure on the vaginal or rectal wall translating into more intense sensations. The diamond butt plugs will also challenge your pain threshold. These exotic butt plugs are crafted for fun, fashion and pleasure and are also designed with safety in mind. They have a generous rounded base to avoid the butt plugs traveling too far down. For the best erotic results employ other forms of foreplay to relax your anal muscles. When you are relaxed enough apply lubrication inside your anus and also liberally apply lubrication to your butt plug. Even if your anus has reached a well-trained stage we advise that you insert the plug slowly and delicately. Rest and continue to relax your muscles and insert a little bit more of the plug step by step until you have hit your limit. This is a game of pain and pleasure but do not ignore excessive pain or any bleeding. Play around with your butt plug until you can use it with ease and comfortably. Buy the Jewelled Butt Plugs for the aesthetics as well as for improving the quality of your masturbation, foreplay and overall gratification. After play use gentle cleaning agents to avoid scratching, dry and store your crystal butt plugs ready for next use. Revitalize your sex life and make a fashion statement with the made for the fuller feel, posh Jewelled Butt Plugs. We bring you the toys for that engorged steamy feel to nurture your fantasies and grow your erotic imagination. Anal stimulation is an important element of bondage freedom and Peaches and Screams provides you the tools befitting your level of enlightenment. Dig deeper into your deep and darkest imagination with the crystal butt plugs. Buy some chic jeweled butt plugs and upscale your masturbation techniques. The use of the butt plug and simultaneous use of other methods of stimulation results in intense ejaculation. You will also experience gratification beyond comprehension and your view of anal stimulation will be forever altered. Add panache and some weight to your sexual exploration, invest in Jewelled Butt Plugs from Peaches and Screams. With the right butt plugs only you can stand in the way of potentially blazing multiple orgasms. Enjoy the decadent pleasures of well-chosen anal toys invest in the sexually commanding Jewelled Butt Plugs. Give your anus a star studded look buy the Jewelled Butt Plug and carve your way into the tantalizing pain-infused sensual pleasures of back door play. Once you open the back door you might never want to be sexually satisfied any other way. Buy the Jewelled Butt Plug and experience volcanic crashing waves of hot anal orgasm. Browse and select what awakens your imagination from our wide range of high quality diamond butt plugs. Claim your well-deserved world-class arousal and mind-numbing multiple orgasms, buy the Peaches and Screams Jewelled Butt Plugs. Buy jewelled butt plugs, diamond butt plugs and Swarovski crystal butt plugs at Peaches & Screams, UK’s favourite ❤️sex shop. ✈️FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £50. Over ❤️5,000 5-STAR RATED sex toys. ❤️ DISCREET BILLING & PACKAGING! Browse the best tail, metal, steel, inflatable, small, large, beginner’s, xl and jelly butt plugs, anal dildos, male prostate massagers.

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