Joy Organics CBD is a USDA certified, family-founded CBD company created with a motive of innovation and excellence in developing exceptional CBD products.  They produce both full and broad-spectrum CBD products, which are proven to be premium grade cruelty-free,and they provide the intended satisfaction. They offer customers a variety of products in different catalogues such as traditional tinctures, soft gels, creams, topicals, gummies, capsules, edibles, energy drink powder, pet products, and bath products. These products have been proven to improve your sleep, reduce stress and depression, manage epilepsy, relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce anxiety, and keep your pet’s mood in check. These products have been passed through three different independent laboratories. Final tests have shown products to be safe for consumption and contain no contaminants. During our research, we noticed that different products are not produced uniformly, which has made Joy organics produce very high-quality CBD products. The price range of these products is very accommodating for every customer. They range from $7 – $100, while mg of CBD ranges from $0.08 – $0.26. Customers can order products online where they can also receive exceptional discounts from the company. This brand has received a 5-star rating on Better Business Bureau website page and a 3.75 rating from Trustpilot.

About The Company

Joy Organics is a CBD production company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was founded by Joy Smith and her husband Todd in June 2018 to craftexceptional organic CBD products where customers could experience all the benefits of the hemp plant. According to their website, they have stated that joy founded this company after she experienced the benefits of CBD. She was experiencing chronic pains, sleep problems and other health issues, and her son suggested CBD products because she preferred natural products. After trying several brands, she couldn’t find what she was searching for, and together with her husband and son, they founded Joy Organics CBD. This was possible since Todd had worked in a large health company for almost 30 years while her son was an owner of a digital marketing agency. The brand now has at least 70 employees, including Joy’s two daughters.

Our analysis showed that the company uses organic non-GMO products to produce its products. On their website, they have stated that they grow their hemp in the United States on soil rich in nutrients and use improved agricultural methods for farming. This cannabinoid plant is then passed through the carbon dioxide process to attain the final product. This company has set up a website where they have provided adequate information,including the foundation and history of the company. This information is available in both writing and videos. In their ‘about’ section, the company’s profile and details about CBD products are clearly stated for customers. Each product’s details are systematically analyzed in their product pages. Their ingredients, terms of usage, serving sizes and any side effects are openly discussed.  They have also stated that they pass products through third-party testing, and results can be gotten through links provided at each product. Analysis proved that they use different labs for specific products. For instance, Pixis Labs, based in Portland,is known for its full-service tests from food to wastewater. The lab has received accreditations from the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditations Program and the State of Washington. This means that its services are reliable.

Other labs used by this brand are Denver based Phytatech, Cloud labs, Anresco labs and Aurum labs which are all certified.  Besides, once you click on the link, pages proving the product’s details pops-up. You are introduced to the brand’s own Certificate of Quality Assurance and the labs that test its purity. These products have tested negative for heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium) and bacterial contaminants (E.coli, salmonella). Additionally, they have been verified to contain the right amount of CBD while being free from THC, THCa and THCv. The brand also runs other tests such as the chemical and pesticide residue test and terpene content tests that have passed products to be free from Pyrethrins, Malathion, Diazinon, and other dangerous terpenes. From their website, it is clear that each product is tested by at least three independent third-party labs that prove its accuracy.

The buying and shipping process has been made very straightforward and simple to use. Choosing and adding products to your cart together with purchasing them is easy. They have provided free shipping for every order,and their return policy states that you can receive your money back within 30 days. Customers can also enjoy discounts such as Joy rewards when they sign in for an account. Additionally, the brand has a black Friday and customers are guaranteed to receive a 30% discount. For customers hoping to reach them, a dependable contact number and email address have been provided. They have also made sure to include their location and address. They are available from Monday through Friday. The brand is at the moment not having any partnerships but is doing very well and offering sufficient CBD products.

Manufacturing Process

According to the company’s website, we gathered details about the manufacturing strategies as they explained the unique seven steps to an exceptional CBD product. They explained that they use pharmaceutical-grade CBD to create their full and broad-spectrum products.  The first process to manufacturing their products is using state of the art farming techniques. As stated earlier, the brand gathers its hemp from the United States and uses superior agricultural techniques to farm so that it can improve the quality of the plant cannabinoids when growing. They follow the Farm Bill 2018 regulations, which mean that their hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC.  The second process is processing the raw hemp. Using GMP certified process, their harvested hemp is dried and milled into powder form, which is then taken to Fort Collins, Colorado, for the manufacturing process. This is because it is the location of their processing facility.

The third step is passing the powder through an extraction process. The brand prefers to use the CO2 extraction method since it keeps all of the plant’s cannabinoids plus other helpful phytocannabinoids. Beneficial flavonoids and terpenes are also preserved while using this process. This helps them in providing full-spectrum products where all major and minor cannabinoids are available. In this process, CO2 is also evaporated to separate it from the final extract. It is then recycled to be used in the same process for other plants.  After the process, nonessential extracts are removed, such as wax, chlorophyll and pigments.  This process is then followed by the removal of any small contents of THC using modern technology to make sure that the product is THC free.

The 6th process is passing products through third-party testing in order to make sure that they are contaminants free for both humans and pets. The last process is unique for this brand. The oil is transformed into a Nano-emulsion through exclusive Nanoemulsion technology. It is done to increase CBD content and phytochemical solubility to ensure easy absorption by the body. Due to this, their products are rated as the most bioavailable CBD products, and customers can consume less for large health benefits. Furthermore, the company has stated that they use their exclusive technology in making hemp powder which can be soluble in their energy drinks and pet products.

We conducted a product scan on the QR codes that had been provided at each product’s label to confirm their authenticity. The code showed us each specific product’s lab results which are provided on the website. Each bottle contains a batch number and an expiration date which is very vital for consumers. This brand has offered customers safe products which contain consistent quality and are very helpful for any health condition.

Range of products

According to our analysis, Joy Organics has offered their customers a range of products catalogue. Some of the products we reviewed were:

Joy Organics Soft gel

They are offered in two flavours, one with melatonin and the other with curcumin.  They both offer different satisfactions for the user. Melatonin is advisable for consumers who want to boost their relaxation and sleep qualities, while curcumin is for providing healthy joints and muscles. These products are tested for purity, and customers are provided with the manufacturing and Nanoemulsion process through their links. The brand allows you to taste products before buying to ensure it is what you prefer.  A 25mg bottle costs $74.95, and it contains a total of 750mg of CBD.

Joy Organics Topicals

The brand offers them in different forms, cream, salve stick and salve. They are all-natural and add essential oils, beeswax, nourishing seed oils and other flavours to offer the full health benefits. They offer a slave jar that is flavoured with lavender eucalyptus and packed in 500 and 1000mg jars. They also offer CBD salve stick and moisturizing cream, which are bothunscented. One 60ml bottle with a potency of 16.67mg/ml goes for $79.95, and it contains 1000mg of CBD.

Joy Organics Pet Products

These products are available in two forms, CBD pet treats and tinctures. The treats are beef flavoured and contain soluble hemp powder produced by the company. They are packed in jars containing 30 treats with 2mg of CBD each. Similarly, the tinctures use the same full-spectrum oil for manufacturing and are available in 30ml bottles. A bottle containing 225mg of CBD costs $29.95, while a 450mg costs $53.95.

Joy Organic tinctures

Like other products, tinctures to come in different flavours, lemon, orange, mint and natural. They are available in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg of CBD in total and packed in dark amber jars, which are advised to be stored away from sunlight and humidity. They are recommended for use during both day and night and accommodate customers who prefer non-alcoholic products. One dose is recommended, and they are proven to be easy to swallow and contain no aftertastes.  Their price ranges from $77.95 – $ 99.95.

Why We Like The Company

We rated this company as the most excellent CBD company in terms of customer transparency and quality of products. The brand impressed us mostly with the way it has openly provided information about its history, its products, manufacturing process, third-party lab results and a smooth buying and shipping process. It has made sure that products are safe for consumption by passing them through at least three labs for purity. It is also offering free shipping for all its orders. Providing such transparency helps customers put their trust in you and buy from you.

Why We Don’t Like The Company

In spite of their website being perfect, they have omitted the FAQ’s section, which can be important for customers looking for answers to critical questions. Consequently, the brand does not offer international shipping of products which disadvantages customers who may want overseas shipping. Besides that, we did not find any other fault in this brand.


Joy Organics has proved to be high quality and successful brand, according to our analysis. Customers who may be searching for a company that provides natural full and broad-spectrum CBD products for health benefits can look no further because Joy Organics offers these products.

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