JustCBD is a committed company among other brands that have made the world a better place using natural products. Although its performance is not exemplary, it has keeps investing a lot of resources and energy to ensure it becomes one of the best CBD manufacturers. It uses organically grown hemp plants from Oregon, the second best hemp producer after Colorado in the USA. It manufactures its products using hemp plant extracts and other effective ingredients such as MCT oil to attain quality and rapid effectiveness. The products are crafted in a full and broad-spectrum, with all its manufacturing practices carried out within the USA, from the seed level to third-party lab testing before the products are released to the market. Besides, unlike most companies that are now offering free shipping despite the amount used to make purchases, they only offer free shipping on orders above $20. Additionally, if you wish shipping to be done within two days, you have to pay $5.

About the company

Just CBD was established to offer all-natural products that would help improve health concerns and wellness. Since food, medicine, and skincare products had been flooded with harmful products full of chemicals, it decided to join other CBD companies to restore the lost hope in 2017. However, a lot of information about the company has been left out, making it difficult for interested customers and other stakeholders to fail and understand the company better.

Additionally, to facilitate its customers’ buying experience, the company offers products description under each product on its catalogue. Currently, they manufacture vape products, pet products, tinctures, gummies and topicals. Under each, important information that would help the customer understand the preferable product for their health or wellness struggles have been stated. The information includes THC and CBD levels, ingredients, method of extraction, dosage, administration, purpose, and price. Additionally, navigating within its website is easy and locating products on its product catalogue it’s also straightforward. Notably, we did not encounter any suspicious activities while adding and removing products on our shopping cart. Besides offering free shipping on orders over $20 in all 50 states, they also offer shipping in the EU and UK at considerable rates. To customers who wish to receive their goods, in two days at most, they incur $5 shipping charges. Its products are discreetly packed.

Upon receiving the goods, ensure they are in good condition, and if not, call its support team within 48 hours to make a replacement claim. If you have any concerns about the products you have received, about the company, or about CBD generally, we recommend you check if it has been addressed under the FAQ page. Common questions about CBD, Just CBD, its products and services have been well-responded to. Some of the questions include the role of CBD in improving human health and wellness, what is CBD, the manufacturing processes used by the company, safety of its products, among others.

If your concern has not been addressed under either of the following, we recommend reaching out to its support team via the “contact us” link offered on its main menu. It has provided its physical address, phone number, email address and message box. Since we were concerned with their extraction method, we contacted its support team for more information via email. Notably, the response was within 24 hours, in a comprehensive but satisfactory manner.

Furthermore, the company monitors its performance and reputation by offering a unique review page where its customers leave their honest feedback on its products, services and any other significant concern about the company or CBD. As we went through the review, although we noted a few were negative, most were positive. The company had given kind responses to the negative reviews and promised to make adjustments where needed. According to the company, while doing adjustments or improvements, they are guided by negative reviews.

Besides, they also have social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which they use to their advantage. If you have any concerns, besides raising it using the above contact details offered, you can inbox them on their social media platforms. It also uses them to keep the customers informed by updating significant information and educative blogs and shot videos. Additionally, since social media are tools to bring people together, customers can share their opinion about the company or CBD and get to discuss with other people and the company at large.

Manufacturing Process

Just CBD is a US-based company, and all its manufacturing processes are done within the United States for quality purposes. They are legal and authorized hemp growers as well as hemp-based products manufacturers. Since the company’s focus is on providing quality products, they understand that hemp’s quality has to be unquestionable. Although the company does not offer much information about their farming practices used in Oregon, the second-best hemp producer in the USA, all its products are GMP certified and display ISO 900:2015 farm’s certification.

Upon the hemp being harvested and transported to its manufacturing facility, processing commences immediately while the hemp is still fresh. Since its establishment, the company has used CO2 to extract useful terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant, later blended with other ingredients such as MCT oil for rapid effectiveness and other relevant components depending on the product’s function. CO2 is regarded as the second-best extraction method, which is also effective and eco-friendly.

After each batch has been crafted, it’s tested for quality and safety purposes. The company has given an independent third-party laboratory responsibility to ensure its products have the stated potency levels and THC levels don’t exceed the 0.3% cut off-limit. Besides, it also has to provide all the products free from any harmful contaminants such as mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and microbes. Notably, we couldn’t locate any FDA declaimer, which means they are not certified by FDA. However, all the lab results are posted for pre-purchase verification.

Range of Products

Although the company doesn’t have an extensive line of products, they manufacture some trending products such as vape products and pet products. Besides, they also have tinctures, topicals, gummies and capsules

Just CBD Capsules

Just CBD Capsules

The company has invested in extending its line of capsules and other products. Although they don’t indicate the type, they have their capsules formulated using CO2 hemp plant extracts, among other useful ingredients. They are manufactured in unique ways to address various needs, such as improving sleep, multivitamin, and enhancing energy. They are offered in a bottle of 30ml, each containing 30 capsules. Notably, its capsules are not vegan since they are made using gelatin. Lastly, their prices are from $29.99 to $39.99, depending on potency levels.

Just CBD Topicals

Just CBD Topicals

The company also manufactures a handful of topical products to address the unique needs of its customers and people who would wish to join their trademark. Its topical products include soaps, pain cream, body lotion, bath bombs, massage oil, roll-ons and more. Its topical products are designed to address skin issues and prevent ageing. Besides, after having a long day, you can use its topical products to enhance relaxation. The company blends other naturally occurring elements that reduce irritation into its hemp extracts to develop the best products. Lastly, they are sold from $15.99 to $39.99, which is a bit considerable.

Just CBD Gummies

Just CBD Gummies

Gummies are one of the preferable ways of administering your daily CBD dosage. Unlike other CBD products, they can be discreetly administered and are easy to move around with. The company offers them various potency levels ranging from 8mg to 44mg. The gummies are manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts and other ingredients such as fruit flavours to enhance their test. Additionally, they offer bears, rings, snowmen, bears and more varieties of gummies. Besides, they are provided in either grape, plain honey, sour blue raspberry and cinnamon flavour. Some of the gummies are void of sugar and vegan-friendly variety.

Just CBD Vape products

Just CBD Vape products

Although vape products have not gained fame as gummies and capsules, they are highly preferred by the young stars who enjoy vaping experience. The company manufactures them in broad-spectrum CBD and in various flavours to address the test needs of multiple people. Besides offering vape carts in 200mg, they also have vape juice in 250 mg to 300 mg per bottle. Their vape prices are from $9.99 to $29.99.

Just CBD Tinctures

Just CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are also famous and can be administered orally, sublingually or adding in your favourite food or beverage. The company primarily relies on CO2 hemp plant extracts to craft the best tinctures in a potency range of 50 mg to 5000 mg of CBD in every 30ml bottle. Lastly, they are sold from $14.99 to $119.99, depending on potency levels.

What we like about the company

The company has stood out in its ability to offer pharmaceutical chemists and medical advisory teams to guide its customers on the correct dosage and any malfunctioning that might not recommend them to use its products. Additionally, unlike most companies offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, they offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee to customers who don’t find their products effective. Besides, they also offer a wide range of variety that might satisfy various needs of its customers without seeking external help from other companies. They have a wide potency range and multiple flavours to address customers who have to prefer tests to the unflavored state of the hemp plant.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company is putting a lot of efforts to ensure they become better and offer quality products, they have issues that ought to be addressed. The company has a problem that various companies are facing; high CBD variance. CBD accuracy has become a common problem that has made so many customers seek alternatives to avoid overdose as they try to find effectiveness, especially when they feel the products are not strong enough. Additionally, they are not certified by both BBB and FDA, making customers have questions about safety when they connect with high CBD variance of up to 30% in cases of the tinctures.

Overall Verdict

Above all, the company offers safe products for consumption, and it gives it best to provide a wide range of products. Although we recommend its products, we call upon customers to scan QR codes to ensure they administer what will enhance effectiveness and avoid overdosing in certain cases where the variance exceeds the 10% limit. Lastly, we call upon the company to check on the shortcomings and use them to make in-house adjustments to make it better.

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