Karibo is a CBD brand formed with experts to develop quality products. Unlike other brands that focus on edibles, pet products, and topicals, it focuses on beauty products only. Due to increased skin concerns, Karibo CBD decided to settle on only offering skincare products infused with considerable amounts of CBD and other natural elements that address skin issues. The products manufactured by the company aim to address both facial and body skin concerns. Since they use hemp plant as their primary raw material, they have placed so much focus on it to ensure it is organically grown. However, while they are offering products for skin solutions, they have maintained the aim of CBD, which is to provide natural products at all times. They ensure the hemp used in their products has been grown under the sustainable organic farming void of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Besides, they are committed to its motto, “skincare for every day,” which allows them to offer valuable products to add to your beauty routine each day. To keep learning about this unique CBD brand, kindly keep reading our review; we have captured important information that would be helpful to you.

About the Company

Although Shan King’s is the CEO of the Karibo CBD trademark, the brand is said to operate under MMG Consumer Brands. Shana had a great ambition in the beauty industry, which had been distorted by products that contained harmful chemicals. Although many companies are offering skin solutions worldwide, most of them use chemicals that end up burning the skin after some time. Shana had a goal of providing top-shelf skincare products that contain 100% natural organic elements; the hemp plant is the primary raw material. Although she had focused on delivering the best skin products for women, the brand has extended some of its products to address male skin concerns, bearing “For Men.” Since she established the Kariba brand, she has captured a significant portion of the market by achieving quality.

Currently, the brand only offers its products in full-spectrum CBD and is void of any THC trace. According to products purpose, each of them is manufactured uniquely to restore the balance and harmony of the skin. Additionally, to protect the skin from sun damage and any radicalization, its products contain flowers of Rosmarinus officinalis. Besides, to keep the skin moisturized and smoothen the wrinkles, its products have a blend of black licorice (glycyrrhiza uralensis root extracts).

To give its customers an easy time during their online shopping, they have displayed its products uniquely with important information under each product. Before you get to buy any of their products, you will notice that ample information under their products has been provided to make you understand better about the product you are purchasing. Some of the product details given include the amount of CBD and THC, ingredients, correct dosage, methods of extractions, contaminant results, and prices.

Karibo CBD website is supplied with adequate educative information and blogs, which helps its customers understand more about its brand and CBD in general. Besides, it has a comprehensive FAQ page that attends to common questions that keep emerging from its customers on its brand and CBD at large. Some of the concerns that keep arising about Karibo include its shipping and return policy, terms and conditions, and company policies. On the other hand, questions on CBD that have been addressed include how they can attain purity in their products and how effective CBD is on the human skin.

If your concern has not been attended to in the pages we have mentioned above, then you need not worry. You can still seek help from their support time which has proved to be accommodating. On their website, you will find the “Contact Us” link to direct you to contact details. The details include a phone number, email address, message center, and physical address. Depending on which one is convenient for you, their team will address your concern within 24 hours. Notably, it offers a full refund policy within 30 days to customers who don’t find their products effective. In addition, they also provide free shipping to any products purchased for over $30. Currently, the company only carries shipping within USA borders; they are yet to expand their market outside US territories.

To keep track of their reputation on the market, Karibo has several social media platforms and review pages on their website. Customers have been sharing personal experiences they have had with the products manufactured with the company as well as seeking guidance where necessary. The company has a team working on social media platforms and keeps responding to their comments and concerns. Besides, they allow their customers to leave their honest reviews under the review page where they collect them and use them to conduct in-house and product adjustments to satisfy their market.

Manufacturing Process

Among CBD companies that highly rely on Colorado hemp, Kariba is not an exception. Colorado is widely known for its fertile soil, which enhances the organic growth of the hemp plant. Due to its soil fertility, most hemp farms don’t rely on chemical fertilizers or pesticides to grow their hemp. The brand has placed adequate measures to oversee how the hemp they will use in its products is grown and conduct education on organic farming within Colorado.

The company has been consistently using the CO2 extraction method to yield effectiveness in its products. As soon as hemp is harvested, it is transported to their manufacturing facility, which is located in Pinecrest, Florida. Before manufacturing starts to take place, hemp plus other elements undergo tests to ensure they are safe and pure usage. All important ingredients are obtained from the hemp plant and other elements using CO2, which is regarded as the second effective and eco-friendly method.

After the products have been crafted, they are taken to their independent third-party laboratory to measure quality and safety confirmation. The lab is responsible for ensuring all its products consist of the required amount of THC, which is below 0.3%. One thing that we found impressive about Karibo products, they are all THC-free. Consequently, it’s also responsible for ensuring the amount of CBD in the products matches the amount stated on their website as well as on their labels. Karibo has an excellent score for the accuracy variance of its product’s potency levels. Lastly, its also tasked to ensure all the products have no contaminant that might affect their effectiveness on the human skin; they have minimized the use of chemicals during manufacturing.

NOTE: The company labels have QR codes on all its products to help customers affirm the lab results given. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the desired results after scanning the codes; we got “no results found.”

Range of Products

Although the brand currently offers skincare products only, they have been working on soft gels, which will be released to the market as soon as possible. All their products are manufactured uniquely to meet various desires of its customer’s skin problems.

Karibo Topicals and Creams

Keribo currently offers four primary skin care products available in their online shop. They include;

Karibo CBD Infused Hydrating

To enhance instant skin relief and minimize skin irritation, Infused Hydrating products have been manufactured with a water-soluble gel that is easily absorbed in the skin. Besides CBD being its main component, the product also entails hyaluronic acid that helps moisturize and plump the skin. During its crafting, they have a goal of helping the skin to glow and maintain its youthfulness. Lastly, its sold at $19.99 and has a total of 35 mg of CBD, which means for every milligram goes at $0.57.

Karibo CBD Infused Moisturizing Cream

During the design of this cream, it is intended to suit both body and facial functions. Its primary function is to maximize on keeping the entire skin and face moisturized. However, to maintain the skin’s smoothness and hydrate the top layer, the company blends ceramide and aloe vera in its hemp extracts which are obtained using the CO2 extraction method. Each serving costs $19.99 for a total of 100 mg of CBD in every jar offered to the customers. According to our workout, we realized that every milligram of CBD is sold at $0.20.

Karibo CBD Infused Facial Moisturizer

Unlike other products designed for both the skin and the face, this one is only intended for facial use only; it helps your face be moisturized throughout the day. However, apart from CBD extracts, it contains ceramide and aloe vera designed in broad-spectrum CBD. Lastly, it is sold at $19.99 and contains 50mg of CBD, which means each milligram goes at $0.40.

Karibo CBD Infused Body and Hand Lotion

To allow the lotion to be easily absorbed into the skin, the product is formulated using non-greasy formula. The fascinating thing about the product is, it provides maximum moisturization minus creating a substantial film. The lotion has been blended with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and aloe vera. Lastly, its sold at $19.99 for 100 mg, which means each milligram goes at $0.20.

What we Like About the Company

The company shows confidence in its products by offering a 30 day money-back guarantee. Any customer who doesn’t find the products effective with the room given is to return unopened and unused products within the agreed days. After the company confirms the condition of the products, a refund will be approved within 48 hours. Consequently, the company has skin products that are of high quality and free from GMOs and THC. Lastly, its decision to specialize in one product has helped it gain fame and concentrate on quality due to its limitation on one category of products.

What we Don’t Like About the Company

Although the company has proved to be outstanding in most of its operations, some areas require some adjustments. Although the brand has settled on offering only topical products, it should maximize them by offering more products than the five. Some of its competitors offer more than what they have under their topicals, yet they have invested in other areas such as pet products. Besides, it could have worked to their advantage if they manufactured pet products that address the pet’s skin and far. Lastly, their prices are higher compared to other brands offering the same quality.


Although the brand has some weaknesses, the strengths still outshine them. It has invested a lot of effort and money to ensure they offer topical products that are unique and exceed any other quality levels within the company. We would there like to recommend its products and call upon the company to work on the outlined weaknesses if it does better in the competitive CBD market.

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