Although Kats Botanicals is thriving to climb the competitive CBD market ladder, it still performs averagely in the market. However, it provided full-spectrum CBD oil products which undergo cruel third-party lab tests for safety and purity confirmation. Its oil products have made its trademark widely known because of its effectiveness. In addition, Kats Botanicals have faith that is naturally occurring CBD products stand a chance to make the world a better place by offering better health. For purity and effectiveness to be attained in its products, the brand believes it starts from organically growing its hemp. Therefore, Kats Botanicals has settled on using and supporting sustainable organic farming, avoiding using chemical fertilizers or chemicals to grow its hemp plant.Consequently, it blends in coconut MCT oil in most formulations, among other ingredients, to obtain effectiveness. Besides, the trademark has brought to play a certified independent lab that helps it cross-check the purity and safety of its products. In our analysis, we will unveil more relevant information about Kats Botanicals to help you understand it better; kindly keep reading.

About the company

The company was founded by Justin Kats, committed to offering a natural solution in human life, which has been significantly distorted by technology. Due to his urge to help people face health and wellness issues from time to time, he decided to establish Kats Botanicals in 2016. He settled on using organically grown hemp as his primary raw material among other naturally existing elements such as coconut MCT oil. Notably, although the brand blends in other herbs, which are have been considered effective for hundreds of years, they undergo proper research to establish their purpose and effectiveness simultaneously.

The biggest reason why the trademarks name has been being recognized from time to time is its efforts in ensuring its mission is achieved: to bring to customers the safest, purest products in the market and best rates possible. Consequently, Kats Botanicals has employed experienced chemists, farmers, doctors, marketers, web developers, and writers to work on its success. The brand has a unique manner of bringing together all teams together as a family and working under common grounds, making Kats Botanicals the best option for CBD users. As farmers continue to uphold sustainable organic farmers in support of chemists, the web developers are coming up with unique designs to help marketers as the chain continuesto support each other.

To address the common concerns of its customers, the brands’ website has an extensive FAQ page. Additionally, they have used this page to help customers understand better what is CBD, how its manufactured, its role on human health, among other significant information. Besides having a terms and policies page, it has also addressed concerns such as money-refund and shipping policies of its trademark.

The customers who can’t find their issues being addressed under the FAQ page, then we would recommend they contact Kats Botanicals support team. The brands’ website has availed their email and phone number details at the top of its website. Additionally, they also have a separate “CONTACT US” page that offers multiple ways of reaching them out. You can either contact them via their email ([email protected]), phone number (877-301-9923) or visit their main office at Old Hickory, Tennessee 37138. Lastly, the brand has initiated various active social media platforms to help its customers exchange different experiences with its products. Notably, one could also get their support team assistance using Facebook messenger or chatbox.

Furthermore, the product has attained all the required documentation to support its farming and manufacturing processes from the federal government. The company has educated its team members about the laws and highly recommends that each of them uphold them while they continue helping the brand offer the best CBD products. We were excited by the company’s decision to provide its customers with a 30-days full refund guarantee for customers who don’t find their products compelling; the counting starts from the day the customer receives the products and only works for unused and unopened products.

Kats Botanicals upholds a good reputation by becoming transparent in its operations. The brand has taken integrity and transparency into its centre operation, which is not common to most CBD companies. Although the brand has offered so much information about itself, operations and products, it fails to give third-party lab results to its customers, which is quite unfortunate.

Lastly, the brand doesn’t offer an easy ordering process; the website is somehow cluttered. Even after choosing the product you would wish to order, the brand floods other products and others keep popping up, interrupting your buying process, which is quite unfortunate. It has also made it difficult for customers to find relevant information such as the product’s purpose, potency, and ingredients used since a lot of information about the brand has been given under every product. As a result, customers are forced to read through until they are able to get the information they require.

Manufacturing process

Kats Botanicals rely on hemp grown in their farm located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado; 8,000 ft. According to its website, it claims to be the first hemp grower to grow hemp in high altitude areas and still maintain quality. Before they decided to carry hemp farming at this part, they had taken multiple soil tests to ensure it could sustain organic farming. They found the soil fertile and had no chemical contamination since it was an abandoned part. In support of organic agriculture, they use various methods such as drip irrigation specialized form to boost nutrients and increase productivity levels.

Notably, the brand uses hand-picking to harvest its hemp, which is very effective and doesn’t interfere with the hemps’ quality or state. After harvesting, the hemp is taken to their manufacturing facility within 24 hours to avoid contamination or side effects that challenging weather conditions might cause. Consequently, although the brand insists on using the ethanol extraction method, it doesn’t provide similar cleaning effects as that of the CO2 method. For easy digestion and effectiveness, their hemp is blended with triglycerides and coconut MCT oil. According to research done by their team of doctors, MCT oil also enhances maximum bioavailability and ease the products body absorption.

Lastly, for quality and safety measures, the brand uses an independent third-party lab to carry tests on its products. Besides the brand ensuring that THC levels of Kats Botanicals products don’t exceed 0.3%, it also takes tests for contaminants. It ensures that the products are void of harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, chemicals, residual solvents, and pesticides, interfering with their purity. To use less or completely avoid using toxic chemicals that might interfere with purity, the company has employed experienced chemists to oversee the manufacturing process.

Range of products

Because Kats Botanicals have been in the CBD competition for four years, it should have a more comprehensiveproduct line. However, it gives its best in crafting the existing products with the aid of doctors, chemists and an independent third-party lab.

Kats Botanicals CBD Tinctures

During the manufacturing of their tinctures, the brand strictly adheres to regulations outlined by FDA and only sells this product to persons over the age of 18 years. Although the brand doesn’t mention other ingredients used in this product, it insists on blending in other herbs which are sourced sustainably and have proven to be effective. In addition, they obtain the beneficial ingredients using the whole plant extraction method and recommend sublingual during consumption of the product. Lastly, the product goes from $44.99 to $139.99 and is available in either strawberry or vanilla flavour.

Kats Botanical CBD Isolate

Unlike other products manufactured by the brand, their isolate products are manufactured using CO2 extracts. The product is obtained from whole-plant extracts and is availed in either crystal powder CBD or 99% + CBD isolate. According to its website, the tests carried by the third-party lab indicated that there were no detectable levels of THC (0.0% THC), although this claim could not be validated. Consequently, they state that itsfree of additives and pesticides, making the product safe for consumption. Lastly, it sold at $29.99 and it’s recommended for low dosage for a start as you keep monitoring its effectiveness.

Kats Botanicals CBD Gummies

Kats Botanicals manufactures its gummies uniquely infusing fruit and berry not only on its surface but in the entire product, which makes it easy to be absorbed and enhances bioavailability. For anyone looking for the best way to administer and improve their CBD dosage, then CBD gummies are the best option. However, the company recommends its customers take either one or two gummies, night or day time. For the gummies, the company recently added QR codes for customers to track results obtained by their lab. Lastly, the gummies are designed to be vegan friendly and use natural ingredients to enhance their effectiveness, such as vegetable glycerin and organic berry, selling them at $29.99.

Besides, the brand also offers Topicalsthat are uniquely designed to yield effectiveness, selling them from $24.99 to $79.99.

What we like about the brand

As we analyzed the company and its products, we realized it had multiple fascinating things that are not common in other CBD trademarks. First, the brand has employed experienced doctors and chemists to oversee its manufacturing process and the safety of its products. Also, we were impressed by its initiative of offering 15% disability and military discounts in their support. Consequently, we were impressed by how it conducts its farming practices keeping in mind where their farm is. Lastly, it was impressive that their products have been organically certified.

What we don’t like about the brand

Despite the brand striving so hard to ensure their name is well-represented, they still have some weaknesses that ought to be addressed to improve. First, they have to provide their third-party results and QR codes, which will help customers verify the content levels of their products. In addition, their free shipping target seems to be high compared to other brands that are performing well in the CBD (a minimum of $100). Lastly, the brand has heavy targeted ad marketing emails that most people don’t subscribe to.


Although Kats Botanicals has proven to have a few weaknesses, they are still outnumbered by its strengths. The brand has committed a lot of efforts and funds in ensuring it upholds a good reputation by hiring experienced experts to ensure they help them meet the wishes of their customers in terms of quality. Consequently, it has laid appropriate measures which enhance quality and safety control. Lastly, we would recommend the brand to conduct market research on the weaknesses they have in the market to find a way of addressing them.

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