In most of the reviews we have been conducting on CBD, we often rate most companies to have performed fairly and a few as excellent. However, for Kat’s Natural, we would rank it among the companies that have performed excellently. Among the reasons why we are giving it a high score is its impressive, accurate third-party lab results which have become rare among other CBD trademarks. In addition, Kat’s Naturals has committed itself to ensuring transparency levels are attained at all its processes. Its website has posted important details from organic farming practices it engages in the delivery information. However, every product sold on its website has provided adequate information that would help consumers learn more about it. Important information provided includes the dosage, amount of THC and CBD, the ingredients blended in the product, the function the product is designed for, and the price at which it is sold. Kat’s Natural has proved to be unique. To keep learning more about it, kindly keep reading our review. We have captured as much information as we could.

About the Company

The company resulted from a strong belief in CBD products and their potential to change how people address health and wellness issues. The brand was established in 2016 and was among the team players of the Hemp Industries Association. Since it opened its doors for operations, it has always been committed to offering quality products that would exceed any other brand within the market. However, it has always upheld transparency in each step involved to help it come up with quality products. Any activity right from farming practices is posted on its website.

Notably, the brand has been actively participating in community activities to show gratitude to them for their support. It actively engages in chambers of commerce and the local community and volunteers to enhance local events. The biggest reason it actively participates in local events is to show gratitude for those supporting them and reach its goal of giving back to society as much as possible.

Additionally, the brand supports its workers by offering a flexible work schedule that will allow them to balance family and work. Besides, the brand is also committed to bringing up the best culture, supporting creativity, collaboration, and bringing up problem solvers who will be able to address emerging issues that keep arising within society.

Kat’s transparency levels are unquestionable, unlike most CBD companies. It has gathered a lot of information concerning its operations and its CBD at large under its official website. Some of the general topics addressed about CBD include the difference between broad and full-spectrum and CBD isolates. If you have been Kat’s trademark customer, then you can quickly ascertain that its lab results are readily available under each product and could be easily downloaded. In addition, the brand has hired an independent centralized third-party laboratory to help it come up with accurate lab results.

The brand CEO, Kats Merryfield, contributes a lot in maintaining a good reputation of the company as a nutritionist and herbalist who has gained adequate experience through using natural farm food products in addressing natural remedies. Kat’s husband, Brian, who has been serving in the military for 13 years, decided to join her wife to support veterans by offering a donation to them and their families and giving discounts on their products for those interested. Besides, the company has a product review page that helps them check on the performance of their products in the field. They have taken the negative reviews positively and apologized to those who couldn’t find their products compelling. Additionally, they use the opportunity to conduct more research and carry some adjustments to yield effectiveness. However, we noted a significant number of positive reviews compared to negative, which means they are performing well.

Besides the company addressing most issues concerning CBD and its trademark, they also have a separate FAQ page that addresses common recurring concerns among customers. Some of the concerns include the shipping and return policy and the recommended dosage on various products. If you may have a concern and its not articulated under either of the above, you could reach out for assistance from their customer support desk. Their website has their contact details such as email address, phone number, and physical location.

Manufacturing Process

Despite Kat’s being legal hemp growers, they also have legal documentation as legal manufacturers. Although they don’t mention the exact point where they get their hemp from, they have generalized that it sources its hemp from the Southeast of the USA. One thing that they have stressed on and we have no doubt they have grown under its impact, is the quality of hemp they use to manufacture their products. They stress organic farming that is sustainable and void of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides to develop the premium hemp that would give the best CBD products in the market.

Kat’s Natural has been consistently using clean CO2 extraction methods to obtain all its high-quality premium products. This is one of the most effective methods used to get valuable ingredients from the eco-friendly hemp plant. Since CBD aims to offer a natural solution to the health and wellness of human beings, they can’t afford to pollute the environment and tamper with the air being inhaled by the same people they want to offer a natural solution. According to their website, the company applies triple distillation to erase greasy undertones or earthy and uphold concentration on each product.

Most of its products have been blended with MCT oil, which has medium-chain triglycerides (barer of maximum bioavailability) to enhance digestion. Besides, each product entails various natural ingredients which have been scientifically proven to be effective and have been in use for many years.

Lastly, before any formulations get to the market,  the company has given an independent third-party lab to conduct tests on its products for potency and purity verification. First, the lab must ensure all the products contain the required amount of THC (below 0.3%). Besides, various CBD companies have consistently misinformed the potency levels, which is not the for Kat’s Natural. They publish accurate CBD levels available in their products, and where there is any variance, it lies below the optimum 10%. Additionally, they have all their products tested for purity levels to ensure no contaminant gets to the human body, hence violating the aim of offering natural solutions.

Range of products

Among the companies that have maximized on providing its customers with the various options of products, then Kat’s Natural can’t be exempted. It has an extensive line of products with 30 products in its catalog. The good thing is that they have been subdivided into different parts for the issue location of the product desired by the customers. They include;

Kat’s THC Free Sublingual Tinctures

Kat’s THC Free Sublingual Tinctures

The tinctures are formulated with hemp grown from the Southeast of the USA under sustainable organic farming methods. However, the good thing about this category is that all the products are vegan-friendly. They are formulated in a broad-spectrum void of any artificial sweetness or flavor. According to the company, when one is facing stress, then, THC-free tinctures might promote a sense of calmness and relaxation. Besides, the brand provides labeled droppers in each serving and recommends a 1ml dose every day to uphold proper dosage. Lastly, the tinctures crafted by the company include Naked tinctures, Relax, Metabolize, and heal.

Kat’s Full Spectrum Full Spectrum Sublingual CBD Tinctures

Kat’s Full Spectrum Full Spectrum Sublingual CBD Tinctures

Kat’s Natural full-spectrum CBD full-spectrum tinctures include Restore, and Balance, which are available in a total of 1500 mg of CBD and are in peppermint flavor. Additionally, they are 100% vegan and organic products that contain MCT oil that enhances easy digestion within the bloodstream. Besides, the company recommends that they start with a lower dosage before reconsidering using increased dosage depending on the body response. Lastly, they are obtained from supercritical CO2 extraction mode and are sold from $18 to $299.99 depending on the quantity and potency levels.

Kat’s Naturals CBD Topicals and Creams

Kat’s Naturals CBD Topicals and Creams

Skincare has become a great concern to human beings that can’t be neglected at any point. Nearly everyone wants to feel confident when walking since they know their skin is glowing and attractive. Among CBD companies that have decided to offer skin products, Kat’s Natural is not an exemption. Its body creams and topicals are well-crafted using CO2 extracts, MCT oil, and other ingredients to enhance easy absorption by the skin. However, to yield effectiveness, the brand recommends daily usage, and some of them are designed for body relaxation after a busy day or working out.

Kat’s Natural Edibles and Hemp Chocolates

Kat’s Natural Edibles and Hemp Chocolates

Edibles have become famous and are one of the most convenient ways of administering your daily CBD dosage. Some of the products manufactured by the company include Dark Chocolate Bar, White Chocolate with Peppermint Bar, and Activated Bulk Chocolate. Lastly, the brand blends in naturally existing nutrients in its hemp extracts obtained from CO2 extraction to develop quality edibles for its customers. They are testy and easy to administer sublingually or beneath the tongue.

The above products are just but an overall analysis. The company also manufactures capsules as well as pet products. Pet products are given equal attention as those used to manufacture human products. Lastly, its capsules are vegan-friendly.

What we like About the Company

Among the companies we have been reviewing, Kat’s Naturals is among the CBD trademarks with the most significant number of fascinating things. Just to mention a few, it commits itself to offer discounts to people living with long-term disabilities and veterans. Additionally, it has charity programs to veteran’s transition programs and among the groups that have benefited from them includes Atlanta Organization Operation Rally. Lastly, its products have been certified vegan by Leaping Bunny and Vegan.org.

What we Don’t Like About the Company

Although Kat’s Natural has stood out to be outstanding in most of its activities, it still has a few weaknesses to address. Their extensive line of products hinders website navigation due to the extensive product dropdown menu. Consequently, although they have accurate results for their potency levels, they tend to focus less on contaminant testing. Lastly, it would have been easier for them to have a complete centralized product page for customers to locate particular items.


Despite outlining the above weaknesses, the company still performs excellently within the CBD market. It is one of the companies that can still offer quality products despite its extensive line of products. All said than done, we would recommend it to address its weaknesses since they are minor to create a more significant gap between it and its potential competitors within the market.

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