Kerala Naturals – As Pure As Nature

Kerala Naturals – As Pure As Nature

Business Name and what it does

“Kerala Naturals” is a Sole Proprietorship based entity of Mathew Joseph which is headquartered at Kadanad, a small village of Kottayam, Kerala with well-equipped facilities of manpower and machinery since 2012. We are dealing with more than 80 products of different categories such as spices, herbs, beauty products, organic products, Ayurvedic products, Honey, Handicrafts etc. at an affordable price through different e-commerce websites. With confident moves, we’ve been able to build up our brand’s success in the country and abroad. What differentiates Kerala Naturals – “As pure As Nature”, is the PURITY of our products. We provide “pure and fresh natural products” directly collected from farmers of different areas without using any preservatives and flavours. Our team always try to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers by collecting feedbacks and queries and their interested product.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Before starting Kerala Naturals Mathew Joseph had being working in Kuwait National Petroleum Company as Secretary. After that he started working in Global Ayurveda Magazine for several years. There he used to attend different exhibitions nationally and internationally in which he experienced the importance and use of natural products. He realised people’s interest in organic and natural products. There he thought why not to start a store where people can buy pure natural and organic spices, herbs and beauty products under one store itself. Today we have been distributing and exporting several natural products varying from organic spices, herbs collected directly from the farmers of Western Ghats and beauty products to more than 100 countries with more than 2, 00,000 satisfied customers. We deal with 100 % genuine products without any chemicals or preservatives in it. That’s why we are one of the leading retail ecommerce exporter in Kerala since 2012.

The challenges the business/market is facing

 A major challenge for any small scale business would be fund and resource management. As we can see there are hike in prices in every sector which directly or indirectly affects small business companies. We had an increase in the cost of our overseas shipping prices due to COVID’s impact on shipping procedures. In addition, some customers have had to cancel events after purchasing items, and therefore return rates are up beyond normal levels. We have a wide range of loyal customers who believe in the quality and purity of Kerala Naturals. As their values and budgets change, you have to know what your customers expect from you and their needs. We continue to focus on superior service and reliability to maintain customer loyalty and pricing power. Being from a small village we had to face many challenges there also as compared to companies working in cities. In spite of all these, we overcome these challenges by building a brand and place in the minds of the customers by providing them pure and natural genuine products at an affordable price.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

As we know there is a great opportunity for organic and natural products in the market nowadays. Kerala Naturals provides pure and naturals products to its customers without any chemicals or preservatives at an affordable price through different e-commerce websites. With confident moves, we’ve been able to build up our brand’s success in the country and abroad. We deal with pure and organic spices that are collected directly from the farmers of Western Ghats. As compared to other countries spices, Kerala spices are known for its spiciness and quality. Kerala Naturals ensures that quality to its customers by providing them best organic spices from Kerala. 

We also have 2 more brands namely Preethy’s Boutique – a store exclusively for beauty products, and Kanan Naturale –– a store exclusively for spices, where people can buy pure and organic spices which we collect directly from the farmers of Western Ghats. Customers can buy in customized quantities at an affordable price according to their requirements. We also comes up with corporate gifting that put together specially crafted collection of spices, herbs and beauty products to its employees according to the requirements by corporates. We ensure that our customers get the best and fine products by offering excellent customer service.

Advice to others about business

‘Think big, dream big’ is the mantra that I believe in says Mathew Joseph. Ever since his journey started, he always wanted to make it big. Aspiring entrepreneurs should be daring and risk taker. Analysis of your target demographic and competitors is especially important. There is no substitute for a solid business plan. Keep track of your skills and weaknesses, what you offer, how said product or service is unique, and how you plan on growing your offering once you’ve entered the market.

With the world moving towards a healthier, environment-friendly lifestyle, the organic market has been strongly growing in India too.  We know that there is always a great demand for organic and natural products in the marketplaces. Thus with a unique strategy to differentiate yourself from the market, entrepreneurs can start a retail store for a holistic target audience. Focus on the collection, pricing, and marketing strategies. Besides from all these we should focus on building trust in the minds of customers by providing them with pure, organic and natural products without any preservatives added. 



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